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Due to its importance for growth and proper functioning, amino acid supplements have been created for individuals who may be deficient or need extra supply of amino acid. Today, there are so many different brands of amino acid supplements for sale, they supply the body with needed amino acid and assist in growth and overall health. Many bodybuilders use amino acid supplement, such as Amino 2222 to provide their bodies with needed protein building amino acid for muscle development. Some particular forms of amino acid are also used as flavor enhancers and artificial sweeteners.

The main use of amino acid for many years in industry has been as a nutritional supplement for animals, it was discovered that animal feed lacked important amino acids necessary for the all round healthy development of the animals, the introduction of amino acid to the farm was a success and continues today.

Plants also need some amino acid for their optimal development, as such there are fertilsers enriched with amino acids, these have also been in use for years and have produced gratifying results for farmers.

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Amino acid is also used in the drug and cosmetic industry.

A project that aims to open up the limits to the uses of amino acid is one to create biodegradable polymers with amino acid, this is to be done by a combination of amino acid and polymer, an example of this is polyaspartarte, a water-soluble biodegradable polymer. The proper disposal of plastic poses serious health and environmental problems for many developing nations, perhaps amino acid would come to the rescue.

This molecule present in the universal genetic code has a lot of significance for us; many scientists agree we are only beginning to discover the effects and uses of this molecule.

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