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Every customer is pleased with an accountable organization, the reason is because there are so many untrustworthy and unscrupulous businesses, so people tend to stick with a product or service provider they have experienced and found accountable. They develop a trust for the company that benefits the company more than the single earning from that customer would; the customer besides becoming a regular patron of the product or service recommends it to others.

This trust gained in that customer which is translates into patronage leads to the creation of an image and standard for the company, so many times we say or hear people say “product ‘A’ is of the best standard” this is because they have tested and found product ‘A’ accountable. Many companies embellish claims to attract customers with the excuse that everybody wants the best service provider or product, but it is generally accepted that quality is proportionate with price so people expect the product to be worth the money they spend on it and if it is not they say they have been cheated and develop enmity for the company, again the saying goes that one days profit is not worth one satisfied customer.

As in business so in human relationship, everyone respects an accountable individual who does what he/she says and says what he/she does, we respect and are comfortable around such individuals and they gain our trust.

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People such as these have lasting relationships with others and are successful in their businesses, satisfied patrons recommend them to others and they quickly build a list of customers.

People who are accountable are looked to as deserving positions of power from where they can influence the lives of others, it is accepted that because they have proved to be accountable they would carry out their duties with integrity and be accountable for their actions.

The operation of business and human relationship is done on a very complex platform, there is a whirl of thoughts, a clash of purposes and wishes, we can only further complexify and strain our relationships by being unaccountable.

The world is generally a more peaceful, satisfied and prosperous place If we all are responsible for our words and actions, regardless of their momentary implications, some of the greatest men and women in history are heroes because they were accountable people.

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