Ex. occur in these branches without noticeably affecting

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Ex. Changes in the musical styles, painting styles, rules of writing poetry and drama, pronunciation of words, etc.

, represent cultural changes. They are purely cultural changes. They cannot be called social changes, because, they do not in any way affect the existing pattern of human interactions, social system and social organisation. On the other hand, the rise of organised labour in the capitalistic society and the introduction of communism in the place of democracy, represent social change. These two changes may cause a series of changes in human relations and social organisation. They represent a basic alteration in the relation of employer and employees, rulers and the ruled. They may contribute to the changes in the economic organisation, methods of administration, legislations, economic policies and programmes, and so on.

These may, in course of time affect the way of life of people. Hence, they can also be called cultural changes. Cultural change is thus much broader than the social change. No part of culture is totally unrelated to the social order, but it remains true that changes sometimes occur in these branches without noticeably affecting the social system.

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Sociologically, therefore, we are interested in cul­tural change only to the extent that it arises from or has an effect on social organisation.

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