Last magic, stationer, clothes and chats stalls.

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Last week I had visited to fun the fair exhibition with my parents at 6.00 PM. As soon as we went there, I stood to take the entrance tickets but there was a long queue. I waited for ten minutes in a queue and took three ticket, fifteen rupees for each person. The specialty of the exhibition for this year is that they built a replica of Taj Mahal and the entrance of the exhibition was made impressive with a Maharaja Durbar. It was just similar to Agra Taj Mahal.

As we enter the exhibition, the exhibition was alive with numerous people, light, music and sounds. People were walking leisurely and the place was very crowded.

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There were many stalls in which there were groceries, games, magic, stationer, clothes and chats stalls. All the stalls were arranged along the sides, leaving the middle part for the people to move about. All the stalls were beautifully decorated. Items in the stall were put in a tempting manner.

First we went and took pop corn and we started to go to the stalls, my mother purchased carpet, bed sheets and pillow covers. I purchased remote control car, laser guns and balloons. The rates were reasonable.

Then I played shooting, sat in a train which went round and round more than a ten times, we next climbed into the giant wheel and from the top of the giant wheel we could see the whole exhibition and it was terrible to sit in that because it would make us dizzy. There we became little bit tired and drank sugarcane juice with masala pappad.

Next we went to the magic shop and purchased some magic items. The shopkeeper told us tricks about the items we purchased. Next we went to the room where there were so many types of mirrors and as we observed from those mirrors that we look different in different mirrors such as fat, thin and weird. Then we went to the chats section and ate pav bhaji. At last we stood in front of the Taj Mahal and took the photo.

By the time we left the exhibition it was already 8.00 PM, we did not come to know how we spent two hours and with few small things we returned home. The exhibition was left a good impression in our mind and I feel to visit it once again.


Mukund GK

VII Std, Basavarajeshwari Public School and College

Bellary, Karnataka, India


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