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When we do things by ourselves they tend to be good and perfect since they have been done willingly and done on our own. Tasks completed by ourselves not only give us great satisfaction and a sense of achievement, but also teaches us the value of tolerance. We come to understand that every work and task have their own lacunas and difficulties and therefore criticism of others and their work is considerably reduced. Another quality of self-help is that it makes the person self-confident and self-reliant. It makes individuals strong in mind and character. It instills the power of self- decision and personal choice. We become self-guiding and self-directing personalities.

This habit of self-help like all other habits should be acquired early in life. Children, when they are very young, should be taught to manage their own things such as, clothes, books, personal items, school work, etc. Providing too much of support and being always at their back, will spoil them. Therefore, the habit of self-reliance should begin early in

The habit of self-help instills in our minds, the power of independent thinking, quick decision and makes us responsible citizens. That is why, Swami Vivekananda once said “Give me ten men who believe in themselves and I shall revolutionise the entire world”. Self-reliant men are the need of the hour. Such men create history and lead a nation forward. They are the true pillars of a nation.

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