Equality they have a disability. It disregards prejudice

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promotes that in an ideal world there is equal opportunities for all
individuals, giving everyone the chance to achieve their potential, make most
of their lives and believing that no one should have poorer life chances
because of where, what or whom they were born, what they believe, or whether
they have a disability. It disregards prejudice and discrimination, regardless
of their abilities or their background or their lifestyle and appreciating this
difference between people and treating their values, beliefs, cultures and
lifestyles with respect. It is about recognising that different people will
require different kinds of care and about providing that care for them.
Equality promotes the prevention of discrimination and bias within all aspects
of life, this can include workplace environments like hospitals and everyday
general situations, like social environment. Equality aims to prevent the judgement of certain people and refraining people form acting upon their
pre-defined judgements and treating people in such a poor, discriminating manor.
For example, gender – whether it is a born gender or a gender someone chooses
to be, beliefs or disability as well as mental health issues. Equality is
giving individuals the opportunity to live their lives how they choose without
feeling excluded or judged and providing the appropriate support needed for
this especially within a workplaces. Here’s an example, individuals are
discriminated within the care environment, and people regarded as having a
higher profile will receive better and more thorough care then say a working
class individual. Patients are also discriminated on their race. A women who
had a painful medical condition, not only did the medical staff not treat her pain
or diagnose her issue and provide treatment they insinuated that she was
“playing a game” and trying to get free medication. This middle-aged,
churchgoing lady who has no record that she was pain medication seeking had a
black skin tone.

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