Who Should Receive Entitlements?
As part of American ideals, the government has a
responsibility to take a role in maintaining the financial
security of it’s citizens who are in need. Benefits are
given to help those who are unable to provide for
themselves, and those who they are responsible forothers who
need help. Although some people become dependent on these
grants, the majority of those who receive them truly need
them. Support offered by the government needs to be strictly
supervised to help provide that these public help program’s
are not being taken advantage of.

Medicare, which came into effect in 1966, is the
popular name for the Federal Health Insurance Program. It
helps people 65 years of age and over. This programs goal is
to ensure the medical care of the aging citizens.

Medicare is designed to help out with the payment of
medical bills. There are two aspects of this program, Part A
,which covers doctor’s visits and Part B which covers
hospital charges. The bills for Part A are paid for by taxes
collected from both workers and employers. Part B’s bills
are payed differently than Part A. One fourth of the bill is
paid by the patient, and the other three fourths come from a
Congressional layout.(Cayton, 873)
One problem with Medicare, is that the fastest growing
segmaent of the population is those over 65 years of age.

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This is the group needs the most medical care. As this
generation ages, more and more money will need to be spent
on their health care. As a result, the money availbe to pay
for these claims may run out.

Another entitlement given to the citizens of the United
States comes in the form of Social Security. Social Security
was formed in 1936 to help the generation of the Great
Depression pay for living expenses as they aged and stopped
working. As a citizen works throughout his or her life,
deductions are made from pay checks to pay Social Security
taxes. Which in theory these taxes will be returned to them
when they retire.

The cost of benefits given to retired citizens have
increased over the life of this program. In the 1930’s the
maximum amount that a worker would have to pay for Social
Security taxes was $3,000. In 1966, the amount had grown to
$6,600 per year. Since 1966 the maximum yearly tax bill per
tax payer has steadily grown along with the cost of living
for retirees.(Shlaes, 3)
Social Security faces some of the same problems as
Medicare. The age group that Social Security was intended
for is becoming very large. The increase in the cost of
living and the large groups of eligible recipients has
caused doubt with many of the younger citizens. A study
conducted in 1994 showed that Americans born after 1964 are
more likely to believe in the existents of UFO’s than
believe that Social Security will be availible when they are
eligible for it.(Shlaes 1)
Welfare is a common name for programs that helps pay
for living cost of citizens that cannot support themselves.

Many people feel that welfare is only free money for those
who are to lazy to work for themselves. Welfare benefits are
for those who are in need, but some tax payers do not think
it is their responsibility to help fund it.

Misuse of welfare is common under programs now in
affect. The money given to these needy people can cause them
to become dependent and not have the ability to support
themselves. Recipients find it hard to get off welfare. 63%
of welfare receivers will receive assistance for 9
years.(Cayton 873)
Many enticements are now availible for individuals who
are on welfare to make it easier for these people to support
themselves. In 1996, money was given to children on welfare
for schooling, hoping that schooling would help these
children off welfare when they became older. To discourage
teen pregnancy and young mothers with families on welfare,
women with children were forced to live at home or in
supervised housing in order to receive assistants. Housing
and transportation are made accessible for those who could
maintain a job. (Zuckerman 2)
A huge indication that welfare does not work is that
some citizens after getting off welfare still face
difficulties paying for thier bills. One third of the women
who get off welfare are forced to cut meal sizes, or even
skip meals entirely to make ends meet. Also 38% of women
recently off welfare say that they have, at least once, not
been able to pay rent, mortgage or utility bills.(Zuckerman
The entitlements that the United State Government gives
to its citizens are meant to help the lives of those who
receive them. Although the Government has a responsibility
to it needy citizens, it also has a responsibility to spend
tax money in a way that will benefit all people. These
entitlements cannot continue to benefit those who need them
unless the money to fund them can be found in the budget.

Since most Americans can support themselves, the majority of
the country’s budget should be used to benefit the majority
of the tax payers.There must be a balance between spending
money on the majority and spending money on the those that
need help.

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