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Energy consumption is an important concern in the current world; this is due to the dwindling energy resources globally. As a result, leaders and the global population have initiated measures on adopting green energy as a means of conserving the energy reserves.

A major concern of environmentalists and leaders is global warming and due to these concerns, state governments are adopting cleaner and better energy sources for the global population. This essay is going to analyze my energy use while I analyze the steps that I could take in minimizing environmental damage by reducing my energy consumption.

Energy Consumption

Based on the chart above, most of my energy use is derived from the use of natural gas and electricity. Due to the changes in the sourcing of energy I decided to make use of solar heating especially in showering and cooling my house. I make use of electricity for lighting in the house and for use on devices like computers and television for recreational activities.

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The electricity company that supplies my electricity produces its electricity from nuclear sources; this information was sourced from the California energy commission. Most of the energy supplied in California is nuclear energy (Winteringham, 2009).

As a measure of decreasing my energy use, I think purchasing devices which consume less energy, providing more lighting to avoid misuse of electricity and reduce frequency of tasks which require energy such as cooking. Energy efficiency depends on the utilization of energy in a proper manner; in my case I would increase energy efficiency by redesigning my house to allow for more ventilation thus less electricity is used in cooling (Jakab, 2008).

Another strategy would to use solar energy in cooking and thus this could replace gas and increase efficiency. By making use of renewable energy I am able to save on costs and thus increase on general energy efficiency. My opinion of importing oil from Russia is a good idea in the sense that Russia has huge reserves of oil and coal and thus exploiting the dwindling energy resources of the Unites States could be costly and detrimental to the environment (Winteringham, 2009).

Environmental Law

The current environmental debate going on in the state of California where I reside is the removal of the moratoria placed on oil drilling the coast of California. The debate was ignited by the recent activities of the oil spill off the east coast of the United States. Oil spills are costly to the environmental since the cause major ecological damages (Bender, 2006).

According to economists and environmentalists, the moratoria should be lifted to allow for oil exploration along the Californian coast since safety standards in oil mining has been enhanced. However, I oppose this move since oil exploration usually leads to ecological damage that cannot be quantified in the event of an oil spill or lack of proper exploration. Ecological damage is more costly than exploring/mining cheap oil (Bender, 2006).


Energy use and conservation has been debated recently as the demand to energy rises and thus causing a problem for the global climate. Thus the right to clan and cheap energy has been a tough burden to meet by governments, companies or individuals.

In tackling this problem measures need to put in place through engagement of energy users such home owners, industrialists and other in conserving energy though use of renewable and sustainable energy. The essay has looked into an individual way of suing energy and means of achieving energy efficiency in the home.


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