Emirates Airline will be purchasing almost 20

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Emirates airline, one of the largest
airline in the middle east, has decided to buy 36 air bus A380 aircraft, for 16
billion dollars, announced on Thursday. It is noticed that the European company
was to stop the production of this particular model of the Airbus but this news
cleared all the speculations that were prevalent around the production of this
particular Airbus.

Furthermore, the companies had also signed
a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that has allowed to cooperate more
efficiently in a more dynamic manner. This means that the overall maintenance
of the Airplanes isalso in the hands of the Airbus administration and this will
definitely open new doors for both the companies, especially Emirates Airlines
will be able to attract more passengers because of the provision of excellent
in-flight services and on-board amenities.

The CEO of Emirates has also passed a
statement that has become very popular. The CEO stated that “This decision of both
companies will provide stability to the production line of the Airbus 380.
Therefore, in the initial phases of the Memorandum, the Emirates Airline will
be purchasing almost 20 Airbus 380 Aircrafts and after that a series of other transactions
will also take place that will take both the companies to the zenith.

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On the contrary, personalities such as
the Airbus’s sales director, John Leahy, has uttered a statement that has casted
great suspicions on the further production of the model of the Airplane. The sales
director said that if a deal with the Emirates Airline does not take place, the
future of the production of this model of the Aircraft is quite bleak and the
company will have no choice but to shut the production.

In the end, we can say that this Airplane
has been quite popular in terms of attracting a large number of passengers and
it is also an extremely popular aircraft that provides the passengers with a
luxury service. The only problem is that the Aircraft is known to encompass
over 600 passengers and the Airline administration has been, sometimes, in
doubt that the seats of the Airline are a little too much to fill.


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