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The World Big Issue “ Electronic Waste” Nowadays people use lots of electronic devices in our daily lives. Also, they need more comfortable and more developed electronic device to accomplish their businesses. According to customer’s need, the electronic companies have been developing their goods. So people have often changed their electronic device they do not need those items though. Therefore, it produces lots of electronic waste such as computer, mp3, printers, and etc. Owing to growing the electronic waste, disposal of the electronic waste might be issued in world society.

Also, the disposal of the electronic is a big trade to make a huge profit. Some people and countries think the disposal of the electronic waste as the means of making lots of money. I strongly disagree with this occasion. If we could keep going on this business, we cannot refresh our world environment. In this people’s misconception, we are facing on the serious problem such as severe disease and destruction of the environment. Therefore, we have to prepare effective solution to eliminate the harsh consequence of the E-waste from governments, industry, and individuals.

The general government in each country has to make specific solutions to solve the disposal of electronic waste. For example, EU government made bills to prohibit E-waste export to non-OECD countries. Because e-waste can pollute river and water supplies, the people do not get drinking water. However, EU exports their E-waste to other countries. Even that action is illegal, many companies and countries are ongoing illegal action. Actually, some countries in EU as Netherland, Germany, and U. K. are the biggest customers to export E-waste to Ghana.

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The governments fortify the bill of disposal of E-waste like the regulation of emission of carbon dioxide in Kyoto Protocol that needs to regulate the illegal action as burying E-waste in the landfills and disposing on unaccepted area. However, most of countries do not have efficient regulation. For incident, most of states in U. S. do not supervise the disposal of E-waste except California. And other countries (Vietnam, Pakistan, and Malaysia) accept E-waste trade as legal actions. Also, the port of Hong-Kong is known as mapping the global E-waste trade sections.

There are the hundred thousands of E-waste trailer on the port. But the Hong-Kong government just interested in their profits. Furthermore, the government gives the forced power to the Ministry of Environment for keeping the rule of disposal of E-waste against this illegal action. If the Ministry of Environment has the power, they can supervise other institute and companies’ illegal actions. The forced power is possible to uncover illegal action. The companies have the responsibilities of handling of E-waste from their production processes.

The companies’ duty is to keep the environment as well as to make profits. Companies always have the esteem and responsibility on their actions. However, some companies are just interested in earning their assets and saving their budgets. If the companies do not mind to bury the disposal of E-waste on the unaccepted areas, our environment might be fall into disrepair. Who want to be faced on that situation? If people know about the companies’ illegal action, that companies will loose their credits. So companies are concentrates on their illegal actions.

Also, companies have to prepare a specific plan for handling E-waste. For example, the IT companies give extend offer to customers for upgrading their electronic devices. If companies have the flexible policy to upgrade the sale devices, customers do not need to change frequently their electronic devices. Also, companies can legally save money to dispose E-waste. Owing to this policy, companies and customers can get a win-win effect. People can protect themselves from the side effect of disposal of E-waste. Today, the disposal of E-waste is a big deal to make huge profits.

So some countries use the disposal of E-waste as means of earning profits. Many people especially who need lots of money for their lives. They extract easily gold from the computers. Also, they have recycled other many E-waste. However, that process occur unexpected problem. It is not only destroy the environment but also harm people’s health. Despite this truth, many of the developing countries import plethora of electronic wastes from many advanced countries. According to the world report, every year thirty-five millions tons of electronic wastes is exported to China to be scrapped.

There the rubbish is broken down by hand, poisoning workers and polluting the environment. When the circuit board boiled, it make smoke include toxic materials such as mercury, lead, cadmium. “Smoke from the computers is too strong to breathe”, complains one disposal worker. “I feel dizzy and cannot see anymore”. Many employees at the electronic disposal plant suffer from respiratory illness or severe skin diseases. They work for ten hours day, only get twenty U. S. dollars per day with no protection from the hazardous chemicals.

Also, at Accra in the capital city of Ghana, there are scrap dealer employ people to dispose the electronic waste. Most of employees, who are taking the elementary school, want to earn money for their lives. However, their wages are two U. S. dollars per day. Even though low wage, they keep going on the scrap of the electronic waste. United States and EU export electronic waste to Ghana. So Ghana gradually raises the dumping problem. According to U. S. Environmental Protection Agency scientist–William Abidoo, in Ghana, medical school reports most eighty percent people of Accra occur positive reaction with mercury poisoning.

Even though people want to make money, people keep in their mind about how dangerous handling with the E-waste. Also, people have to be equipped with protection device during do their work. To sum, the disposal of E-waste is a big issue throughout the world society. But many people do not recognize how serious about E-waste. If some people have a misconception of E-waste, they will be facing on the serious problem. It generates the environmental problem and human beings diseases. The disposal of E-waste can be a big deal to make lots of profits.

But that has huge side effects. If we want to keep our environment and health, we recognize about E-waste correctly. So I suggest some solutions to people who have no idea about E-waste. The government and the companies’ role are important to handle the E-waste problem. However, most important thing is that we have responsibilities and ownership to keep clear environments in our societies. If people can gather their power for keeping our societies, we can make better environment. Also, we can leave the clear environment to our descendant.

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