Effective Tips to Write Great Headlines In a

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Effective Tips to Write Great Headlines


In a world full of noise and chaos, how do you grab someone’s attention and get them to read something? You will need much more than just great content. You will need a headline to do the job. And not just any headline, but one that will give you an edge. Your headline is your gateway into a potential reader’s mind. Not only are people more likely to read an article with a great title, they’ll even share your articles based on the headlines alone.


Most often, people assume that once they have written a decent article, their work is done. They neglect the headline, and consider it to be the cherry on the sundae, when, in fact, the headline might just be the sundae.

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A good headline is crucial and game changing when it comes to publishing articles and getting the traffic our content deserves. Headlines can make or break your content marketing. 80% of readers will read a headline, but only 20% will actually proceed to read the content inside, according to Copyblogger. If you don’t have a compelling headline, it doesn’t matter how great your article might be; it’s akin to a powerful book with a poor title.


There are infinite ways to come up with a simple, catchy, yet magnetic headline, in addition to some interesting templates that will make the task a whole lot easier.


1.     Simple and Direct Language

While constructing a title, always use words that get straight to the point. Avoid jardon that is vague, complex or unknown to readers, as it could make readers uninterested right away.


2.     Bold and Provocative Statements

Incorporating a shock value into article headlines can definitely ensure high click-through rates. Use words that grab readers’ attention and draw them in. Do not be afraid to make controversial and/or opinionated statements either.


3.     Asking Questions

Questions, especially strange or funny ones, are a great way to instantly get readers involved. It creates a curiosity gap, and leaves them wanting more. They will be eager to uncover the answers, and in order to do that, they will need to click-through to read the remaining content. 


4.     Using Numbers

Our brains focus on and process numbers with great ease, which is why we are inherently drawn to them. Furthermore, using numbers in article titles gives readers the impression that the content inside will also be straightforward and easy to comprehend.


5.     Stating the Substance

Always summarize the main points of your article in the headline. The promise in the headline motivates readers to click through.


6.     Instructing Readers What to Do

Titles that command or instruct can be highly effective. People have a tendency to question why they need to do something they have been told to. Their curiosity will push them to open and read the article, thereby increasing traffic.


7.     Making Promises

An article headline that promises readers something will encourage them to open and read it. In addition to providing information about the article, entice readers by promising them some benefit.


8.     Create a Sense of Urgency

Using FOMO (fear of missing out) in headline writing is another tried and tested method. Instilling readers with a sense of urgency by stating deadlines and using other suitable words can be extremely effective.


9.     Being Mysterious

While it’s important to summarize the main idea of your article in the headline, be careful not to reveal too much, else readers will have no reason to open and read the article.





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