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(a) Air conditioner provides good temperature for fungal and other bacterial growth. (b) Fumes generated from kitchen appliances such as gas stove, cooker, heater, blower, over causes air pollution. (c) Other appliances such as T.V., radio, fan, cooler etc.

cause noise pollution. (d) Materials used for decoration such as varnishes, paints, coated wall papers etc create air pollution. Outdoor Sources of Pollutants (a) Building construction material such as cement, sand, steel, gravel, marbles, aluminium etc cause water and soil pollution. (b) Shops producing ozone from photocopier machine, tobacco smoke, freon using as solvent in industries causes air pollution.

Solution to the Problem (a) In the case of indoor pollutants, (i) The fumes generated from appliances should move outside of the house through chimney. (ii) The volume of electronic appliances should be up to audible limit. (iii) The materials used for decoration or protection from mites etc should not reach directly to the water system. In the case of outdoor pollutants- (i) Eco-friendly appliances should be in use.

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(ii) Construction materials should not find their way to open atmosphere or water system.

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