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“Education is a journey and not a destination, for we must keep developing”                                                                                                          – S. G. StookeMy interest in civil engineering and management developed right from my childhood. As a child my favorite hobbies were playing video games such as SimCity and Bridge Constructor, building imaginary structures from clay and watching television programs like ‘Nat-geo Mega-structures’. Men made engineering marvels have always enchanted me.

My father owns a construction company. I’ve seen him working with great fervor and assiduousness so that he can create green sustainable buildings for the society. My father is my role model and it is his influence and inspiring charisma which has motivated me to pursue a career in civil engineering.I believe education is the lifelong learning process. B.Tech in Civil Engineering was just the initiation of this process and more education, Masters as well as Ph.D.

, are waiting ahead. To continue the education process, the next ideal step would be to pursue MS in Project Management from Northeastern University.I have done my schooling from V. D. Desai Wadiwala, which has instilled in me a zest to persistently move forward for my goals. Consequently, I topped every class I attended in school and high school. I scored in top 10% in national-level exam, Joint Entrance Exam, which helped me to get the admission in one of the most renowned university of India, Dharmsinh Desai University.

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 First and foremost, my student life at Dharmsinh Desai University apprised me that I have innate skills to deliver the knowledge that I possess, to others. I used to teach to my classmates and juniors most of the core subjects of Civil Engineering. I first had a formal exposure to management in engineering, in the courses of ‘Construction Management, Town Planning, Construction Technology’ which presented me how financial and managerial accounting concepts, and project management processes are integral and vital organs of civil engineering field. I have also actively contributed to technical assistance during the two projects of Surveying, namely Profile Levelling and Contour Mapping at hilly areas of Pavagarh, Gujarat, India.

In these projects, I have shown excellent skills in deciding Benchmark stations, the stretch of land required to be surveyed, and taking measurements through the instruments. Moreover, from our academic project of Standard Penetration Test, I have gained experience of how to collect undisturbed soil samples and carry out proper lab testing of their physical properties. Addition to that, for thriving the communication skills as well as English proficiency, I was indulged into two presentation projects, Paving Equipment and Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. Apart from my classroom studies, I have completed the certificate course of AutoCAD 2D & 3D and PROCORE, one of the best software for construction project management. While studying the subject of Advanced Structure Analysis I gained some elementary knowledge about the STAAD Pro. As part of my extracurricular activities in college, I have participated in “Bridge It” event in technical fest Aakar-16, held at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Not only this, I have participated in events of Town Planning and Model Making at technical fests at Dharmsinh Desai University. Also, I have volunteered in Blood Donation Camps at my college. Considering about sports, then during the college time, I was the the captain of captain of the civil cricket team. Other than that, during the higher secondary school, I took part in the state-level tennis tournament and competed till the semi-finals. Having practical exposure of civil engineering and construction management courses, through 5week training and 16week internship, which helped to gain an insight into the practical problems in the construction industries. I joined Galaxy Infra in September 2017. I am assigned to a five hundred crore rupees worth a commercial project, KSB Olmpiya.

Realization soon dawned on me to learn more about this charismatic field.Before my further studies, my one year of work will complete and that experience would be really helpful in MSPM.  Today construction projects require exhaustive planning for an on-time delivery of the project; also the contingencies are taken in to account for a smooth operation. Therefore, I would like to pursue a Masters’ degree in Project Management with the concentration on Construction Management to use managerial skills with a sound knowledge of civil engineering so that I can plan the on-site progress judiciously by optimizing the resources used. The concepts of construction management are rarely used in India as people working in the industry are sort of dogmatic and reluctant to accept any change or new technology. I as a future engineer would really like to change this scenario in my country.

In fact, it would be great for me if I can open up new schools or colleges or at least research laboratories so that I can work with all the dedication and energy that I have for providing education to younger generation and be more productive. One of the basic reasons I am applying to the United States is its recognition for its superiority and indefatigable journey towards excellence since decades. Northeastern University is emerging as one of USA’s truly illustrious universities as its remarkable growth in student numbers, novel courses, new campuses, infrastructure, and reputation. Its MSPM program has earned credits internationally for the quality of its teaching, research, and service activities. No doubt, MSPM attracts top-notch graduate students because of its prominent course curriculum and superb faculty backgrounds.

Moreover, experiential learning at work, experiential network, full-time co-op opportunities, best quality education, personal and professional improvement opportunities, and the diverse and assorted student population are the factors which motivate me to choose your Northeastern University, for graduate studies. The very first time NEU was recommended, to me, for post-graduation by my college professors. Moreover, I am keen to work under Mr. Jacques Alexis whose research interests such as business-driven economic development, process optimization, team behavior, project organizational success, and project management are something I can relate to and this fascinates me. I would like to take with me, in addition to knowledge of project management, a network of strong and lasting relationships with my teachers and fellow students. With this vision of serving the society and aspirations of being a reputed Civil Engineer, I am looking forward to earning a graduate degree from Northeastern University which I believe, is quintessential for my success story. I want to thank you for the wonderful opportunity given to me to express myself.

This is an earnest appeal to give me a chance to prove my potential. 

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