Education a perspectiveabout the universe in which

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Education  is a
systematic process of acquiring knowledge and skills. It also entails
acquisition of values, habits and beliefs which may lead to development of a
career. Education can be done using various methods which include teaching,
training, research, discussion and story telling. It can either be formal or
non formal and takes place under the guidance of a teacher though learners may
also educate themselves. Education is very important to human beings in various

Education promotes cultural diversity. It helps us
appreciate cultures of different societies in the world. In so doing we are
able to understand other people’s way of life and also learn to appreciate
them. The more knowledge we have about different cultures, religious
activities, history and philosophy,the better we realise the various dimensions
of facing the world. In business, education creates a favorable corporate image
in the international markets by taking note of the cultural expectations of
other countries. Cultural knowledge helps reduce cultural barriers and
conflicts and also acquire a perspectiveabout the universe in which we are able
to emphasize more with other people’s views.

Education leads to economic growth. A country’s economic growth
depends on the proportion of educated workers available. An increase in the
number of educated workers results to a higher production since educated
workers can efficient perform tasks that entail 
literacy and critical thinking.

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Education improves creativity. The knowledge acquired from
education promotes creativity through analysis, evaluation and deduction. It is
through creativity that new inventions come forth. Education does not only improve
creativity buy also trains human mind. It trains people how yo think and how to
distinguish right and wrong in decision making.

Education boosts confidence. It fosters a positive
appearance and allows individuals to believe in themselves. It is through the
confidence gained in school that students are able yo hold group discussions
because it requires confidence to put their opinion in front of everybody.
Confidence leads to self reliance making usbelieve that we are ready to conquer
the world.

Education helps in managing crises in our day to day lives.
The crises may range from unstable economies to allocation of inadequate
resources. Through education individuals are able to make sober decisions.

Education dispels inequality. It helps solve the problem of
unfair treatment that takes place in all countries. For individuals who are not
well up,education puts them at the same footing with the majority of job
seekers faciliting their rise from their present level. In this way ,education helps
reduce inequalities both economically and socially in the society.

Education provides knowledge. It helps us acquire worldwide
information and knowledge about ourselves and other living creatures. The
knowledge acquired enhances better interaction for greater purposes. Education
also allows us to receive information from external humanity and also opens
opportunities for further growth and expansion of knowledge for individuals.
Knowledge of literature turns every street into a site rich in meaning hence the
authors have a variety to choose from.

Education facilitates invention of new technologies.
Scientists and inventors are always working towards better technologies to help
raise the living standards of human beings.

Education makes us rational beings. Individuals are able to
reason and not do things in a hurry. Educated people know the essence of
backing up opinions with facts. It also helps us to check the opinions and
beliefs of others against the facts in order to make appropriate decisions
whether to accept or reject their opinions.

Education helps in holding ethical values. It teaches us to
monitor our temper and other unbecoming behaviors. In so doing we are able to
live peacefully.

Education makes us to be law abiding citizens. It enlightens
us on the need to respect each others boundaries in settling disputes.

In conclusion, it is evident that education is important in
different aspects that involve individuals, the society as well as the country.
Education is not only an important tool to get employment but also brings joy.
Proper education will change the living standards of people as well as promote
career advancement. Therefore there is an interrelationship between educational
level of individuals, the society and the country.

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