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Eddie Mehmetaj

Gina St. Croix

College Seminar

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5 October 2017


I first looked at my five strengths, I was pleased by what I had chosen. These
strengths really depict a picture of the type of person I am in as well as out
the classroom. The three of five strengths that caught my eye where the Achiever,
competition, and discipline assets and these stuck out because they describe me
in a nut shell. My strengths will serve me as a model to live up to and follow
through my college years so that I may succeed outside of the classroom as much
as inside. Through my top three strengths I have already noticed improvement in
overcoming some of my weaknesses.

a student – athlete is not easy as people really think or make it seem it is.
Being able to stay on top of all your classes in the classroom and out the
classroom and still being able to stay on top of your practices and workouts is
a very hard task. With my achiever, competition, and discipline strengths my
initial reaction was that these describe who I am and they mean a lot to me as an
undergraduate and as an individual because they assist me in getting through
life successfully. As an athlete these three strengths are in a lot of us,
being a competitor means everything as I feel I need to be the best at whatever
it is I put my mind to. I’m always aware of the people around me and it’s a
constant comparison with their performances and being able to outperform them,
it is fun to know that I surpassed the next man. This competition strength
helps me overcome my laziness which usually holds me back from reaching my full
potential in my work.

achiever strength contributes to me overpowering my laziness as well since it
is the explanation to my drive. My constant desire for achievement allows me to
get up every single day and strive for some form of triumph for the day. This
strengths is like my energy drink that allows me to go on for hours up until I
get what it is I want. Without some type of accomplishment for the day I’d be
dissatisfied and I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep. It keeps me going through
my day. The last strength that solidifies who I am as a person overall is the
discipline strength.

discipline strength is what wraps everything up for me and solidifies it. Since
I am a student – athlete discipline is needed towards my coaches and teachers.
In life I need to feel as if I am in control of what’s going on most of the
time and everything needs to be planned and predicted. In the classroom
everything has to be broken down into separate parts in order to get to the end
point. As far as on the court the discipline strength plays a great role as I
am impatient with errors and need things done a certain way. On the court
there’s no room for mistakes so I try interpreting that into my everyday life
as well.

in all, of all the 34 Clifton strengths themes the three I’ve explained above
best tell you about the person I am. The achiever, competition, and discipline
strengths help me get through my everyday life with school work in the
classroom as well as my work as an athlete on the basketball court. Each
strength benefits be in its own unique way and when put together you get me.

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