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In the world at this time the economic change was happening at an accelerated speed and this effected Canada. Industrialization started a whole new revolution in Canada.

The movement from agricultural habitation to industrial base habitation was beginning. Also in this economic change there was a shift in the growth of industries in the city. People worked in the city but their homes were out in the country, so they had to move to the city. This caused a growth in the number of people living in cities, which meant the cities had to grow. Despite the larger numbers of people coming over from agricultural too industrial the ratio of farmers to factory workers was 4:1.

Now with farmers becoming factory workers there could be some changes in our technology specially in the field of transportation. From the factories started to come inventions that could help men and women travel faster than their grandparents or their parents could have possibly imagined. The development of these items that are still around today would change history. The developments were thing like trains, electrical trolleys, and bikes.

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Thanks to these inventions the cities were able to move further apart so that there was more room. People did not have to sleep as close to their employment buildings. With all this happening, other thing began to improve as well, such as the standards of living. Things were beginning to modernize such as housing, medical, and hygine, were becoming more standard in life. Thanks to the factories, hygine began with more sanitary procedures such as dealing with human waste. The toilet was invented by Tomas Crapper.

The toilets that Crapper thought up, were mass produced because of the factories. So we can say change in economy brings great things for the country.Though our Economic was going through many different changes Canada still had some stability. We had political stability. Canada was originally British owned and Queen Victoria ruled over Canada for 50 years. Being part of Britain had many advantages such as, being apart of the most solidified rulers on the planet. The British owned near 20% of earth which is allot.

Britain was what the United States are today. They were most likely feared and respected all around the world. A disadvantage to being apart of Britain was that Canada wanted to be its own nation and not seen as just a British colony. Canada wanted to start the search for its nationalism which it got in the year 1876. Even more stability was that Canada and the USA were having no more wars with one another. Also the end to slavery which came in 1833 and is still stable even today. Even with everything changing you can always find some stability.The changes that took place in our Social and Cultural in this time are the things that make Canada great.

The end to slavery comes for Canada and the British the same year in 1833. It ended in America in 1865. Education becomes compulsary and universal for getting a job with industrial realtions.

Which was the hole reason we now have such great technoigies and increase in literacy. The rural and uran shift became a land slide by this time the ratio of factrory worker to the farmers was 4:1 a direct change from the 1:4 we had just before and a little into the turn of the century. Still in this time women were considered non persons until some were between 1900-1920 where that were considered people by the government. At this time our immigration number shot way up to 2 million people a year. They came for many different reasons such as over crowed places and families being kicked off their land. They saw posters advertisming free land in Canada so they moved here to start over and begin their new lives as Canadians.

These modifications in Canada is exactly what makes our nation so great and so well respected around the world.

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