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Each security method has a common goal which is to diminish the threat of managing and collecting of sensitive data. Not one company would prefer the risk of a service outage or a data breach within their network, but each method will have its own solutions in mitigating the risk. Some companies will choose to keep their processes in-house, while others want to outsource their operations. Outsourced support is becoming a progressively leading approach for businesses to continue their returns in various areas. This can be approached in three ways through in-house staffing, a hybrid of in-house and outsourcing or full outsourcing in which the degree of each is determined by a company’s specific goals and needs. One of the most popular services that are mostly outsourced from companies today are cloud computing based services. The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or computer is cloud computing (Sperling, 2015).

With cloud computing, various applications, resources and services are accessed to meet dynamic requirements. The cloud can manage multiple infrastructures, ties all resources together and will give access to services when needed which prevents services from running when only necessary which can save valuable resources. The cloud maintains itself and all of it resources only requiring people to maintain the actual hardware and operating systems in complete working order for the cloud to run effectively. Many companies, big or small, are now investing in cloud computing and are researching new ways to put it to good use.

                Cloud computing has been known to offer some possible benefits for a variety of uses for companies looking to employ it use in their work environments. As a small company, costs have always been a factor when making any infrastructure decision as well as staffing. A benefit of outsourcing cloud services is the reduced costs that comes with the use of cloud computing. Companies use features of services only when needed and are billed with a monthly subscription or a pay-for-what-you-use scenario. Another benefit is it scalability even when the growing needs or conditions of the company require it to seek more operational capabilities. The cloud could provide more power and more hardware and software when needed instead of going through the hassle and time of securing additional hardware and software themselves, especially with such a small number of staff available. Also with employees being in different locations, the cloud enables employees to enter and use data at the same time, from any location, and at any time during business hours or on off-times to stay on top of projects, contracts, and customers for multiple business offices (marketing, sales, etc.) such as this software company.

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