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Hazards and Second-Hand Vaping

We’ve heard many times
not to smoke tobacco cigarettes in around people especially around kids and
babies because of the harmful effects related to second hand or passive
smoking. So, what about vaping? Is it safe to vape around people or kids at
home? Does the thick cloudy smoke released from vaping safe? This is what we
need to know.

Possible Dangers of Vaping

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Although e-cigs were
made as a healthier alternative to smoking but don’t tricked that it’s
completely safe and vaping around people is harmless. First of all you should
know that nicotine is a drug and inhaling it directly or indirectly has its
hazards to lungs and heart.

E-Cigs contain some
toxic stuff, such as:

Formaldehyde (formation of cancer)

Nitrosamines (related to cancer)

Lead (neurotoxin)

Silicate particles (cause lung disease)

A number of e-cigarette
brands are producing e-juices flavors but amazingly they just recently came
under the regulation of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in May 2016.
So, over a past decade they were not regulated by any authority. Now vape
products manufactures require permission from FDA to produce and sell their
products, also they have to enlist all the ingredients. The purchaser should
also be over 18 years of age.

Still you need to know
that what you really consume in the form of e-cigarette.  E-cigarette products are just a decade old so
a lot research required to be done on this domain to find out the exact and all
possible hazards related to vaping.

E-liquids used in vape
devices are made of nicotine, flavoring chemicals, glycerin and propylene
glycol. Research shows that these components produce a chemical reaction when
heated up and cause cancer. According to a recent review published by FDA shows
that harmful chemicals are present in e-liquids, cartridges and aerosols.

Another issue related
to vaping hazards is the nicotine level listed on e-liquids cartridges and
refill juices can be different from what is actually written on it. So if you
believe that you are consuming exact amount of nicotine which is written on the
label or you’re consuming zero nicotine can be false and you might be consuming
much more than that.





Most of the vapers
believe that vaping in public places should not be banned as it is harmless and
safe. That’s why a number of vapers vape openly anywhere.

A comprehensive
analysis of American Heart Association’s research and another research study
conducted by Wolfgang Schober, Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority
published in the International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health
found that when you vape indoor it pollutes the quality of air by expanding the
quantity of nicotine, aluminum and PAHs which are connected to lung diseases,
cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

According to a study
published in Nicotine
and Tobacco Research journal, the nicotine produced
by vaping can easily be inhaled by nearby people and cause a second-hand
exposure to nicotine.

Researchers of New York
University claim that vapers and people are vapers aren’t safe from nicotine
exposures as vapers puff more and inhale more amount of nicotine.

Another research
conducted by Society
for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco in 2016 suggests that
second-hand vaping is moderately harmful but still the researchers are in a
favor to restrict vaping in public places.

All of these studies
show that vaping is not only harmful for vapers but also for the people around.
However, the dangers of second-hand vaping to health are likely to be far lower
than indoor smoking of tobacco.


Being a new industry,
vaping still requires a lot of research. Although the research studies
conducted so far claim that vaping has its harmful effects whether it is direct
vaping or second-hand vaping but the hazards are far less than conventional
tobacco smoking. So based up on present research studies we may conclude that
if you really want to quit smoking then don’t make it vaping a hobby; use it
for just an alternate to smoking so it could help you to quit smoking gradually
and also you could stay safe from harmful effects of nicotine. On the other
hand if you are vaping for fashion or style then avoid to vape around people
especially indoor. Have a healthy life! 

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