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During my first semester at college, I decided to sign up for a Yoga
class at the IU Yoga & Pilates organization in the Recreational Centre. I always
wanted to take a yoga class, but never had the opportunity. I picked Yoga, over
Pilates, since it fit in my schedule. I knew going in it was a mostly
mental/meditative form of yoga compared to the other kinds of exercises as my
boyfriend had taken yoga the previous year. The class composed of
mostly girls, but there were 6 guys who all stood in a line at the back. The
class would always start by us “generating energy” by rubbing our hands
together, and then chanting. This experience led me to
become more aware of my breath throughout my hatha yoga practice, and the
effect was striking. I found this improved my personal relationships
as well. I generally think of myself as an empathetic person, but after
starting yoga I observed that I could stay with a conversation steadily,
without constantly checking my phone in between. I experienced an improvement in my work, when I
noticed I became more effective in what I was doing. 

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