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During the last few years, Digital Marketing becomes more popular among the youngsters. They choose digital marketing career as a profession. As digital marketing channels are so exciting and innovative, they can distract you from the basic SEO that can urge performance gains. You can take the example of click-through rate (CTR), which can provide you the performance gains.In today’s world, your organic CTR can be influenced by various types of elements. You have to keep a closer look at the CTR factors and make necessary adjustments time to time. Have a look at the five main factors in your control:SERP Ranking:SERP Ranking, whose abbreviation is Search Engine Results Page Ranking matters a lot in the marketing industry. Every individual wants their website in the Position 1. If you thought that in reality there is so much different between Position 1 or position 10, Position 2 or position 5 or not, so the answer is yes. According to Nielsen Norman Group report, web users view the screen in F-shaped and spend most of the time looking at information that appears first in their system. According to this report, users mostly scanned the new web pages only they came across, only 16% users read word by word. So, it if your website appears in the top position in SERP, then it will be beneficial for you.Title tag:A title tag is typically the text that appears as a blue link in the Search Engine Result Page. In other words, you can say that Title tag describes the title of your web pages. A page title plays an imperative role in the website traffic. If your title is good, it can attract more customers to you.A page title is the main reason whether a searcher clicks on your page or not, and it has great power to break your organic CTR. So, create your title tag very carefully, take time to create the title tag in a perfect manner. You can add your targeted keywords in Title tag, it will be beneficial for you. By this, your keywords rank will improve, which is great for getting the user’s attention.If your Title tag is 45 characters long, then it will remain safe from truncation. Generally, Google truncates the title that contains 65 characters or more. You can say, Title is something that is responsible to create the curiosity amongst people. Title acts as a voice of the brands, so make sure your brand voice should be impactful.Meta Description:Meta description acts as a summary of your web page which helps users to understand what your content is about before they see it! Meta description doesn’t make directly impact on your website, but it is responsible for the click of the user. Never ignore the strength of meta descriptions for high priority pages.If your meta description is 154 characters long, then it’s good, Google truncates the meta descriptions that exceed 160 characters. You can use your targeted keywords in the meta description, which can lead to the effective keyword ranking. You should think about use meta description as free advertising- by doing this, you can get your message out each time your listing is shown in the SERP. One important thing always keeps in your mind, sometimes Google doesn’t display the meta description in SERP, take the data directly from your web pages.URL:URL is another most vital area of SEO which can influence what is displaying in the SERP and can affect CTR also. A URLs is one which contains your domain name, path, and protocol and folders that are present on the website.If your URL will be well organized, then it can help both customers and search engine to easily understand the webpages information. Your URLs should be not so much longer. User finds long URL not so interesting.Rich Snippets:Rich snippets can boost your CTR very well. Rich snippets are something that can be used to define the structured data markup that site operates can be added to their HTML, which permits search engine to know about the present information in each web page.In normal circumstances, when your website simply displays in the SERP, it shows meta title, URL and meta description. But when rich snippets employed on your website, Google is now able to show more content on your website, whether is about reviews, about products or about a business or much more.Surely, there are various new and exciting digital marketing tactics present in today’s world. You can use them, but be sure you cover your SEO Basic first that can optimize your CTR. Be smart, and keep your eye on CTR factors that must be in your contr0l, otherwise, do the wanted adjustments. It could help you to get some performance gains.Parameters And Tools Of On Page SEO:-On Page SEO refers to a key factor that plays an important role in the listing of your web pages in organic search results. Main parameters of On-Page SEO is to manage every page as a landing page on the basis of metadata and keywords. Have a look at some imperative parameters and tools of On Page SEO:Focus on the one “Set of Keywords” per page:On every page of the website, you need to target a particular “set of keywords” using close keyword or synonyms. Let’s take an example:You want to set a specific keyword for an American real estate agent.Search engine showing you the real estate agent in each city, so you can choose your keyword in 3 ways:Real Estate agent City, NameCity, Name Real Estate ExpertBest Real Estate agent City, NameAfter choosing the perfect keywords for your each web page, you can jump to the next part, including metadata optimization and URL optimization.URL and metadata optimization on Google natural SERP:Firstly, optimized your metadata, including title tag and meta description. After that, keep your eye on URL optimization. Keep the length of your short, maximum of 5 words which must include the main targeted word.Structure and content of a page: Your web page content is known as the heart of your website, which can act as an opportunity for the user. If your content is attentive and meaningful, so it can be proven beneficial for your website. Things to remember while optimizing your content are as follows:Headers: Construct your content in different levels, such as in h1, h2, h3, h4 and don’t forget to include your keyword or their synonyms in content. You can use more than H1 tags on a page but always keep Matt’s cuts advice in mind. Use H1 tag only for your primary content not more than that.Bullet point and paragraph: Always highlights the main point and use bullet point to show their importance.Font: keep the focus on the organization and looks for your page. Adjust the font size according to your page content. Generally, standards advice having no more than 11 words wide. In graphics used, this refers to the 250-300 words.Rich Content:Remember, for making your website compatible with maximum no. of devices do not use flash. For embedding videos, you can use Dailymotion or youtube that provides you the better indexing. Do not use flash or load high optimized photos for mobile devices.Internal link structure:It consists the following parameter to be followed carefully:Anchor text: Anchor text refers to the clickable text in a hyperlink. Anchor text should be relevant to the page which you are linking to.Vertical navigation to deep pages: do not forget to highlight your main pages and provide access to the deep content.Use shortcut links: you can use links to your web page in the content to improve the ranking of your keywords.Don’t forget to index your pages on Google and Bing:You must first submit your website to Google and Bing Search engine. In spite your website, you should index some other things on Google and Bing Search Engine also:Sitemap: Sitemap is of two types, one is HTML or second one is XML. The HTML version is for users, but search engine crawls only XML version of the sitemap. So, create XML sitemaps, include URL in the robot.txt file and submit it to the Google and Bing Search engine.Canonical tag: Canonical URL is one which is used to prevent the duplicacy in web pages. Do not forget to use Canonical tags in your on-Page.Rich Snippets:If the rich snippet is employed on your website, then Google can fetch the more information about your website which is beneficial for you. Google webmaster tool, hreview, hreview-aggregate are three main parameters that playa an imperative role in the implementation of Rich Snippets.Parameters And Tools Of Off Page SEO:-Off Page Seo is a process of making more and more backlinks and adding relevant content on the website to improve its rank on search engine result page. A backlink is basically submitting the Url of our website on other websites which have high Domain Authority, Page Authority, more traffic etc. With Website rank, we can also create brand awareness, aware people about our products & Services, bring visitors to our sites and increase sale.Just like On page Seo Activities, we also have to perform certain Off-page activities also but not on the website. Off-page Seo is also known as Off site Seo.Why is Off Page Seo necessary?The Internet is very crowded & noisy place. If a user enters a phrase of words on search query related to your website or its services. Google will show him/her thousands of results. It is very difficult for Google to show which link to first. With the help of Off-page SEO, you can improve your website rank and make it on the first page of search engine result page related to that particular phrase of words. So that user can easily visit your website.As I earlier said Off page is basically for making more and more backlinks. With more number of Backlinks, Google will find out that a various number of websites are containing your website’s link. It will help in improving your website rank as your website name or its services are present on various websites means you are more popular. Google will crawl fresh, plagiarism free, original content fastly and put it on the first page.List of Seo Off Page Activities:Here is the list of Seo Off Page Activities which helps in increasing your website rank in the more effective way:Social Networking Sites: Its another is ” Online Reputation Management “. It basically includes all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google and other sites. It plays an important role in building an online reputation and bringing visitors on the website within your niche. Create an account on these sites and promote information about your services through posts, video, images, infographics, blog/article etc.Blogging: Blogging is one of the favorite activity for all Seo expert for promoting website online. With your blogs, you can keep your visitors updated with your latest blog posts. It gives an ultimate result in making rank higher in search engine by crawling your site frequently ( if the content is original -free). As there are so many people who are not good at writing.As there are so many people who are not good at writing Blog, they hire the guest blogger who writes unique content for them.Blogging Marketing is a part it. In this, you have to add a link in your comment section and this link is also crawled by search engine. It is also known as “Do Follow ” Blogs.Forums: You can find various forum sites on Google easily related to your website niche. It is one of the Question/Answering sites. This also in building Brand awareness. Always use “Do Follow ” forums so that you can add the link to your site.URL Submission: In this, you have to submit your website to various search engine platforms such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc to speed up other Off Page activities.Directory Submission: Directories Submission is used to make more backlinks as there is a large number of Directory submission sites are present on the internet. Sign up on these sites the web directory, einternetindex and choose your category and submit your product information.Social Bookmarking: It is also an another of making backlink and promoting your product but its advantages are you can submit one or more link to these sites at same time. With improving website rank, you can create brand awareness also.Photo Sharing: Share your website photo on other photo sharing sites so that other people can see it and comment on it.Video Marketing: Nowadays, people like to view video rather than reading a text. With your attractive video, you can stick people to your website at the longer time.Business Reviews: First thing customer check the review of that particular website before buying a product. With the help of your friends, relatives , make sure there are reviews on your website.Local Listing: Local listing sites are Google Local, Maps, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages etc. Local listing helps in promoting your product locally. so that search engine sees your website and fetches its content.Article Submission: These helps in driving traffic to your website and provide information about a product. I know there is a question which comes to your mind is what is the difference between Article and Blog? An article should be written in a symmetrical way whereas you can write a blog in an unsymmetrical way also. Blog drives more traffic as compared to Article.Classified Ads: Giving Advertisement about your products on various Classified Sites such Locanto, Vivastreet etc.Other Important Terms:Google Updates: Penguin, Panda, Humming Bird, Pigeon, Hawk are some of the Google updates. These algorithms play a crucial role in website ranking. Panda is for relevant content, Penguin for the relevant link, Humming Bird for words on search query matches the words present on your content, Pigeon for local listing and last Hawk for Local Seo.White Hat Seo: Adding relevant content, making proper backlinks come under this technique. You can’t make search engine fool otherwise your website rank gets decreased. Normally people use White Hat SEO and want to improve rank naturally or organically.Black Hat Seo: Adding Irrelevant content, making backlinks with spam websites, keyword stuffing come under Black Hat Seo. It is basically unethical, your website may get banned also.Grey Hat Seo: It is the mixture of both White Hat Seo and Black Hat Seo.Do Follow or No Follow: Do Follow links are those who take part in improving website rank whereas No Follow links don’t take part in website rank improvement. These are basically Html attributes.

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