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During 1977, about 18 open spaces (about 396 acres of land) were identified in Dhaka.26 In 1990, 115 parks and playgrounds (617.01 acres of land) were identified in the city.27 Of these, 591.01 acres were located in the Recent Dhaka, i. e. in Dhaka North. In the 1990s, the stock of open space was reduced to 92 including 71 parks and 21 playgrounds of 229.461 acres and 39.66 acres of land respectively. In 2004, the area of open spaces was around 221.92 acres according to the draft Detailed Area Plan of Dhaka City. (ref-21) It is found that the transformation of land use in a planned residential area could take place in several forms; the most common of are -i) Land use; ii) Plot subdivision; and iii) Building height. Land Use: Transformation of land use is the most common phenomenon in the planned residential areas of Dhaka City. Changes in population density, concentration of activities and commercialization are taking place in already developed planned residential areas. Land use changes put unprecedented challenges and problems. regarding housing, infrastructure provision, community facilities; and historical and environmental preservation. However, this situation is most acute in the residential areas developed by private sector compared with the areas developed by the public sector. (ref-2) Plot Subdivision: Existing plot subdivision law does not allow the physical subdivision of a plot in a number of smaller plots. Rules allow a single plot available in the planned residential area only for construction of a single residential building. However, a number of plots in the planned residential areas of Dhaka City have experienced the subdivision of allotted plots in a number of smaller units. (ref-2)Building Height: Population growth creates demand for land to increase the floor area. As a result building height is increasing and the building height reduces the visibility of the city, reduces air circulation and creates sunblock. Thus, eventually the transformation of land uses is changing the cityscape of Dhaka City.(ref-2)

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