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Due to being one of the only characters to know what life was like before, Mustapha Mond is one of the most important characters in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Mustapha Mond is responsible for censoring content from the past. He also obeys and adores the World State and he is also a very similar character to Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson.

            Mustapha Mond censors content from the past like Shakespeare, in order to maintain control over his people. Throughout the dystopian novel, he explains to Bernard, Helmholtz, and John why he does not want people to read books from the past. “Because it’s old; that’s the chief reason. We haven’t any use for old things here.” (Huxley 193). Mustapha knows that implementing censorship into society will keep out the harmful past. The society relies on people constantly wanting to acquire the new and forget the old, censorship is required to make sure the people never think about what life could have been before as it will break down the World State. Bernard and Helmholtz learn that Mustapha also wants to keep people attracted and loving the new things while hating the old. “Beauty’s attractive, and we don’t want people to be attracted by old things. We want them to like the new ones.” (Huxley 193). Mustapha learnt that the only way his society was ever going to function properly was to condition people to continue buying increasingly and to not like the old as it would hurt a very fragile society which required mass consumption of goods and services, no matter the quality. Mond also made himself an exception to this rule as he was the World Controller of western Europe, “I thought nobody knew about that book here, in England.’ ‘Almost nobody. I’m on of the very few. It’s prohibited, you see. But as I make the laws here, I can also break them.” (Huxley 192). His fordliness was once a scientist and so when he became World Controller, his curiosity of wondering what the past was like resulted in him acquiring books such as Othello and as a World Controller, he could get away with anything he wanted to. I can compare this act of Mustapha’s to some politicians today. Corrupt politicians such as Kim Jong-Un think as they are a world leader, they are somehow above the law because they make the laws of their countries and that they can get away with them. Overall, Mustapha believed that his censorship of knowledge from the past was a good thing that helped him keep the society stable and under control.

            Mustapha Mond values the rules and laws that he puts on the citizens of the World State as it is what keeps him in power.  Mustapha clearly prefers the happiness and stability of a society rather than the freedom of it. Mustapha says “The World is stable now. People are happy; they get what they want, and they never want what they can’t get.” (Huxley 193). Citizens of the World State were conditioned from childhood to act a certain way, to only want certain things to make them happy. The conditioning allows Mustapha to control western Europe and to manipulate the minds of his citizens. The more freedom they have, the less control Mustapha has over them and society. Not long before in the timeline of Brave New World, Mustapha was offered the chance, he became a World Controller instead of a scientist who could go to a different island. “But you didn’t go to an island, said the savage, breaking a long silence. The controller smiled. That’s how I got paid. By choosing to serve happiness. Other people’s- not mine.” (Huxley 201). This clearly shows that Mustapha wants to stay in the World State to serve the happiness of others, to control other people, rather than continuing his scientific research. This could describe Mustapha as a power-hungry person, he’d rather take power than continuing to pursue his passion in science. In conclusion, the World Controller of Western Europe loved the World State and he would do anything to continue living in it.

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            Mustapha shares many similar personality traits with Bernard and Helmholtz as they all share memories of having similar experiences. The 3 all had begun separating from society when they were offered the chance to be sent away to an island, away from the World State where they would no longer pose a danger to society. “He’s being sent to an island. That’s to say, he’s being sent to a place where he’ll meet the most interesting set of men and women to be found anywhere in the world.” (Huxley 199). While Marx and Watson went off to an island, Mond became a World Controller as he was given to opportunity to become one. This shows that when the time came, he knew that he would rather take the opportunity and seize power rather than living on a desolated island. Bernard made the deltas in the hospital for the dying riot after John began throwing soma at them. “Quick, quick!” yelled Bernard, they’ll be killed if you don’t hurry.” (Huxley 188).  Referring to John that the policemen are showing up. Bernard and Mustapha had both done something extraordinary that resulted in them having to be sent off to an island where they no longer pose a threat to the World State. To conclude, if Bernard and Helmholtz had chosen to become World Controllers instead of being sent away to an island, they would have a very similar attitude to the World State as Mustapha had.

             Due to being one of the only characters to know what life was like before the World State, Mustapha Mond is one of the most important characters in Brave New World. He censored information from before the nine years war, he values the rules of the World State over almost anything else and he is a very similar person to Bernard and Helmholtz. Mustapha may not be the main characters like Lenina and Bernard, but he is still a very crucial character to the story as he knew about the past of their dystopian world.



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