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Bizarre ID case jailed mother
State took kids into custody
Nona Cason of Sunrise, suspected of being a French fugitive, is now free. When agents with guns swooped down on Nona Cason’s life, she lost her kids and her freedom.
By SARA OLKON / emailprotected
Wrong-way driver stirs up Sawgrass
The Sawgrass Expressway turned into a fast and furious obstacle course Wednesday afternoon with drivers swerving and crashing, all trying to avoid a Toyota Corolla barreling toward them from the wrong direction.

( BY KEVIN DEUTSCH AND WANDA J. DeMARZO, emailprotected, 06/12/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Reporter gets all fired up for a day
”Have you ever wanted to be a firefighter?” a fire-rescue spokesman had asked me. He was talking about an upcoming event that would allow regular people to experience a firefighter’s job.

( BY HANNAH SAMPSON, emailprotected, 06/12/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Mother’s $100,000 gift to NSU honors gay son
He would tell it to complete strangers at business meetings as a way to break the ice. But by the time Gordon Rose died of melanoma, 11 years ago at age 56, he had never spoken openly with his mother about his homosexuality.

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( By DANIEL de VISE, emailprotected, 06/12/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Pembroke Pines school losing beloved principal
The last day of school today promises to be an emotional one for students and faculty at Pembroke Pines Elementary School. It’s likely to be even more moving for Principal John P. Drag Sr.

( BY MAHVISH KHAN, emailprotected, 06/12/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Driver-cop feud sparks inquiry
Woman, 72: I was pushed
Lauderhill police are launching an internal investigation after a 72-year-old Coral Springs woman said police forced her to the ground when she refused to sign two traffic tickets Friday afternoon.

( BY DIANA MOSKOVITZ, Herald Staff Writer, 06/12/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Broward teen shot in Jupiter by police may be charged
Jupiter police Wednesday released the name of a Fort Lauderdale 16-year-old shot by police a week ago and are seeking to charge him with two felony counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.

( By ROCHELLE BRENNER AND PAMELA PEREZ, Palm Beach Post, 06/12/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Purported Davie CEO pleads guilty in money-laundering case
(AP) — A Florida man who authorities say received money from an airline for the lease of two passenger jets and then used the money to pay off gambling debts has pleaded guilty to money laundering.

( 06/12/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Worker freed from collapsed trench
After a massive, 90-minute rescue effort, a construction worker was freed from a muddy trench that collapsed on him Wednesday as he worked to lay a new sewer pipe in Fort Lauderdale.

( BY ASHLEY FANTZ, emailprotected, 06/12/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Judge asks Bush to appoint sleuth for stalking trial
A judge on Wednesday asked Gov. Jeb Bush to appoint an outside prosecutor to determine whether a policeman and a prosecutor cut corners to please a local television celebrity who believed she was being stalked.

( By NOAH BIERMAN, emailprotected, 06/12/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Hollywood beach condo developer clears hurdle
Hollywood activist Brenda Lee Chalifour, attorney for the environmental group Save Our Shoreline, has dropped four lawsuits against the city of Hollywood, Broward County and its planning council.

( BY JERRY BERRIOS, emailprotected, 06/12/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Around Broward County
Water-safety guide aims to reduce kid drownings In its continuing campaign to reduce childhood drownings, the Pediatric Drowning Prevention Task Force has developed a Water Safety Resource Guide that provides community referrals for pool safety, CPR and swimming lessons.

( 06/12/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Sheriff bids again to run fire, rescue operations
Jenne: Move will save Broward $900,000
Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne on Tuesday unveiled a proposal to manage firefighting and paramedic services for Broward County by incorporating its 554 fire-rescue employees under his law-enforcement umbrella.

( BY ERIKA BOLSTAD, emailprotected, 06/11/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Jailed couple linked to invasion
A couple arrested by the FBI in Chicago for a robbery that resulted in the death of a Hollywood man, previously committed a Miramar home invasion, police said.

( BY WANDA J. DeMARZO, emailprotected, 06/11/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Defendant recalls details in stalking trial
The woman accused of stalking a local television anchor says she remembers every detail of her first ”substantive” encounter with Kristi Krueger nearly three years ago.

( BY NOAH BIERMAN, nbiermaemailprotected, 06/11/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Ex-Davie resident accused of fraud
He allegedly stole investors’ millions
A former Davie man surrendered to federal authorities Tuesday on charges that he stole millions of dollars from at least 100 South Florida investors, including the Palm Beach Police Benevolent Association, through a bogus mutual fund scheme.

( BY ASHLEY FANTZ, emailprotected, 06/11/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
$15 million deficit forcing schools into unkind cuts
A detailed discussion Tuesday of what might be cut from the Broward schools budget next year included slices from dozens of departments, noninstructional staff and transportation for middle school sports teams.

( BY SONJI JACOBS, emailprotected, 06/11/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Young, survivors reflect on Holocaust’s lessons
Ashley Chow told the crowd she was shy. Then she floored them with words from a poem she wrote about the Holocaust. ”We stereotype those that are different, but in actuality we are all equal,” the 12-year-old Weston girl read to a group of 150 people on Tuesday, including Holocaust survivors. “No matter what the race, religion or culture.”
( BY JERRY BERRIOS, emailprotected, 06/11/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Activist Brummer elected to finish Skolnick’s term in Pompano Beach
Southwest Pompano Beach voters on Tuesday elected civic activist George Brummer to take the seat of the city’s longest-serving politician, Herb Skolnick, who died in February.

( BY BETH REINHARD, emailprotected, 06/11/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Dania agrees to work on repealing no-insurance benefit
Dania Beach commissioners on Tuesday night agreed to work on eliminating a benefit that allows them to collect up to about $1,000 a month for opting out of the city’s health insurance program.

( BY HECTOR FLORIN, emailprotected, 06/11/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Retarded man gets $540,000 for alleged rapes
A mentally retarded Broward County man who says he was raped and terrorized at a Dania Beach group home was awarded $540,000 Tuesday by a jury, a verdict the man’s lawyer called a confirmation of the legal rights of disabled people.

( BY CAROL MARBIN MILLER, emailprotected, 06/11/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Arrests of 12 teens ends crime spree, Lauderhill cops say
Lauderhill detectives announced Tuesday they crushed a five-month-old crime spree with the arrests of 12 teenage boys, all charged with crimes ranging from burglary, auto theft, arson to credit-card fraud.

( BY KEVIN DEUTSCH, emailprotected, 06/11/2003 03:01 AM EDT)
Around Broward County
Are you A, B, AB or O? Blood bank needs you now Memorial Blood Bank in Hollywood is asking people in the community to roll up their sleeves and donate blood.

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