Dream a Little Dream
My grandmother always said, you cannot choose between life or death while
sleeping. When you are sleeping, your body practically doesnt belong to you. Its
almost as though you have no control over anything that might happen to you in your
dreams, especially if it is something dangerous. When I ask people why this happens,
they theorize that a powerful force or being has entrapped your body. You could end up
dying in your dreams, thus leading to your death or illness in reality. Its possible for
someone to suffer a heart attack from what they dreamt, depending on how frightening
the situation was. Ive heard of people going to bed one night and, the next morning,
waking up not remembering who they are or actually becoming insane. It is with these
mysterious beliefs that one becomes afraid to dream anymore.

I had never actually experienced a life and death situation while sleeping, at least
not until recently. It was in early November of 2001, if I remember correctly, on a
Thursday night, when I was just closing my eyes to enjoy a nice peaceful sleep. I could
feel myself floating almost like someone was taking me from my room. I couldnt feel
anything, since I was literally out cold. Suddenly, I was awake with my eyes closed and
my body unmoved. I tried to open my eyes, but they could not open, I tried to move my
body, but I would not stir. My efforts were futile; I eventually tried harder and this time I
was awake. I went to sleep and it happened again. I felt myself being literally chained to
my bed or, better stated, buried in a rich mixture of concrete. All my bones, veins, limbs
and the rest of my body parts were frozen. I couldnt believe the fact that I wasnt
capable of moving, almost as though I was paralyzed. I started to wonder if I was in a
coma or if I had one of those major diseases, such as strokes, which could not be cured.
This would be a terrible way to grow up not being able to live a normal life. Think of the
laughs that I would miss all because I couldnt move. I would be frozen in time watching
everyone around me doing things I once did. It suddenly struck me that what if I wasnt
ill, what if someone or something had taken control of me.

I was now between life and death, which I had once feared, would determine my
future. Now I was afraid, afraid that I would die in my sleep. I had lost control over my
entire body all because some strange being had taken it away from me. I could actually
picture him going from body to body, sucking all the nutrients away. What confused
me though, out of all the bodies, why had he chosen me? I had to do something; I needed
to regain my consciousness at any cost. So, I tried until I was finally awake from that
captivation. This time I tried not to sleep again, however I was too tired and so, fell
asleep luckily with no interruptions.

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This uncanny situation made me very afraid. The fact that it happened twice that
night made me feel even more intimidated. I could still remember waking; thinking that
someone else was in the room. It was invisible, only detectable by impulse. I could feel
his presence as he drugged me, waiting for me to fall into a deep trance. As I inhaled and
exhaled, there he was counting each breath of air. I knew he was still there, even after I
regained control over my body. The strange thing was he didnt make an effort to over
power me again.

The twisted and tormented movies I loved to watch had finally caught up with
me. The most frightful thing about the situation was the fact that I had seen things like
this only in movies. I never thought I would actually experience such a strange
situation right in my very bedroom. It wasnt like I was watching a horror film or
witnessed a brutal incident, but it just took place making me feel terrified plus unsafe to
even dream or watch television anymore. I fear that it will take place again and this time
something bad will really happen to me.

I was the winner; this strange being that had control over me had now lost. He
was man enough to accept his defeat and so, left me to continue my journey to where
ever life is willing to take me. I am only twenty years-old; I wasnt ready to leave this
world. At least not until I had experienced the fulfillment lifes hands has encompassed
for me. I am free, free to enjoy Christmas and all other holidays in the future. On the
other hand, I am still open to melancholy and deviation, which the world possesses.
Its then acceptable to say that I was literally reincarnated to make the right choices with

I had to ponder on the thought that if I hadnt resisted, I might not be alive. Its a
scary thought and emotion. What would happen if I had crossed over to the other side,
death with no life after, according to some scientists and philosophers? On the other
hand, would I have made it to heaven or hell as described by religious believers?
The answer to that is not easy to define. I never reached that stage and I can only hope
and pray that I will never reach there until the right time.

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