Doors do we need doors? Doors provide privacy

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       Doors defined as an open able barrier or
a framework of wood, steel, aluminium, glass or a combination of these
materials. Why do we need doors? Doors provide privacy and it’s serves as a
connecting link between various space. It’s also provide security, ventilation
and as well good sound insulation.

      Door and doorways provide access into a
building’s interior from exterior and passage between interior spaces. As for
the entrance door and each room /cabin door, it’s made of normal steel door. Normal
steel doors work best for exterior-facing and interior- facing doors that need
to withstand heavy traffic and exterior elements. Steel doors also easy to
clean and maintain       As for the door
accessories, there will be hinge, door closer, handle, crash bar, and door
stopper. Hinge is a component that attaches one edge of a door to the frame,
while allowing the other edge to swing from it. There will be a hydraulic
device, played the role of door closer, installed at the top of the door and
slow the door’s closure behind someone. There are many types of door handles.
The most suitable door handles for steel door are lever handle and doorknob.
Doorknob is the most common door handle and lever handle are particularly
helpful when you need to get through a door with your hands full. It’s do not
require you to turn the knob to get the door to unlatch and it will unlatch
quite easily. Each floor has a crash bar or also known as panic exit device. As
for the latch bolt and dead bolt, both are common and to choose the type of
bolt, depend on the room that need extra security. A door stopper will be
mounted on the wall to help protect the interior walls from damaged by door

        Window is an opening (open and shut)
especially in the wall of a building for admission of light and air that is usually
closed by casements containing transparent material such as glass. Window
provides natural ventilation and lighting, provides view of exterior or
interior, and work as weather shield. Fixed windows and casement windows are
most common windows, can be found in a company building. Casement windows are
the most effective window, easy to open and close. It’s also give excellent
ventilation. Fixed window also has some advantage that benefits us, such as
it’s cost less than other window. Fixed window gives natural light and it’s
helps to gain natural heat from the sun.

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       All the windows are insulated glazing
with tinted glasses. Tinted glass absorbs a large fraction of the incoming
solar radiation through a window, reducing the solar heat gain coefficient,
visible transmittance and glare. Selective coatings can be applied on insulated
glazing to help reduce these types of heat transfer. Plus, there also will be
window blind in each cabin for privacy, shades, and also for better looking

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