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The problem whether God exists or not remains unsolved and many philosophers of ancient times and modern period offer their arguments which either support or contradict an issue. It is possible to support any of the ideas as well as it is possible to contradict any argument.

I believe in God and I absolutely agree with the explanation offered by Aquinas based on the possible and necessary issues. Therefore, God exists because he is the beginning of everything and there are no other things which may be possibly or necessarily exist as the reason for God existence.

Considering the Aquinas’s theory, it is possible to state that God exists due to his necessity without any particular reason. The main idea of his theory is that God exists as there are things which may exist and may not exist, and there are things which are necessary and cannot be ignored and there are things which are unnecessary and therefore they may possible be and may possible not be present.

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However, those things which are necessary may be based on the internal necessity or on the necessity for other issues. There are things which are necessary without any possible reasons and this provides the arguments for the necessity of other things. This thing is called God (Aquinas 337).

God exists as it is the beginning of everything, as God is necessary just for the personal existence and this is the beginning of other issues which may be possibly exist or not as well as they may be necessarily exist for other things and not necessary exist. This directs at their possible and non possible existence as well as necessary and unnecessary nature.

Many objections may arose which are aimed at contradicting the idea of God existence. How can God necessarily exist if the presence of God is not necessary for other issues? Aquinas states that God exists because of the entire necessity without being based on any reasons.

Thus, appears an adequate reason for the necessity of such existence. Thus, it appears that he God existence proved by Aquinas questions God’s existence. Why should things exist if they are not necessarily need in the world? The necessity of the thing on its own account makes no sense.

However, reading Aquinas’s work, it is possible to consider the arguments which state that the things with the necessity only for their personal needs are not necessary in the world, however, such creations is necessary and according to the arguments based on the possibility and non possibility the creations which are reasons only by the own account must exist. God is exactly such creature whose existence is based on the own account.

Thus, there are things which may possibly be and may possibly not be. There are things which are necessary for other issues and which are not necessary for others and here comes the question of their necessity in general. However, the presence of the thing which is necessary just for own account cannot be questioned. The absence of such thing in the material works pushes on the idea that this thing is God.

Therefore, it may be concluded that the existence of God is based on the reason that it is impossible for God not to exist. The reasoning offered by Aquinas and based on the possible and necessary issues which may and may not be. God is exactly the creation which is based on the idea of necessity of the own account as such things must be but their presence in the material world remain doubtful.

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