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Do fans put too much
pressure on their favorite professional athletes?

you have any favorite professional athletes? Heroes of city team, role models,
giving hope. This is what the fans think about their favorite professional
athletes. Someway, athletes think they got too much because the fans have too
much expected to them, and also they become famous and they are on TV or some
cameras. There are two types of cheering one is really the fans are supportive
another is because of sports gambling.


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Ronaldo said” sometimes fans are so cruel because when player did small mistake
they kept boo us and blame us”. For example Fernando Torres (Spain, 31,
Atletico Madrid) he is a soccer player, he was really good when he was in
Liverpool (A team which is in England) but he transferred to Chelsea (A team
which is in England) in Chelsea, he was terrible he used to make score when he
was in Liverpool however, when he was in Chelsea some fans said Torres is
“BUST” and they jeer and hiss him. Another example is Steven Gerard (England,
37, retired) he is a legend of Liverpool, once he made mistake on important
match Liverpool fans make some video which is about him and it also about boo
at him.

Personal problem between fans and


             In 1994 during world cup in the
USA, Columbia had soccer match with the USA Columbia was one of the strong team
at that moment, even the legend of Brazil Pele (77, Brazilian) said Columbia
will win this world cup. However they lose to the USA, so they couldn’t win the
world cup the reason was Andres Escobar (27 Columbian) made own goal so
Columbia lose 2-1, after match he went a night bar but he murdered by Mafia (A
group of gangster). Another example is about Patrice Evra (36, French).
According to Patrice Evra “when I was prepare the match some fan kept talking
about me the bad way, it was almost 30minutes so I tried to talk with him. But
he couldn’t stop so I kicked his head. I should not do that but he made me so


Football hooligans


football is really famous some fans do too much supporting so it becomes
problem which is football hooligans. Definition of football hooligan is a violent troublemaker whose behavior is
associated with or motivated by their support of a soccer team. A few hours
before the start of the match, England and Russian soccer fans fought in the
Old Port area of Marseille and near the stadium. When you look at the images
and pictures of the situation, you can see a bunch of men hitting and kicking
another man with their fists. On the streets, men with naked shirts wandered
around with blood on their heads, caught a scene of broken beer bottles and
tear gas smoke. One eyewitness testified that some of the guardians had wielded
their hand axes. Russia has reported that a total of 16 people have been
injured, including one in serious condition, two without consciousness, and one
with a stab wound. French police used water cannons and tear gas to force them
out. The unemployed and the poor came to the football stadium and at the end of
the game; they started expressing various complaints about the Conservative
government at that time. The demonstration did not stop at the slogan, and the
excited people were violent and violent. The battle of one or two people spread
to a collective melee, and even spread to a massive violence that occupied a
street. As you guys can see on the given graph illustrates that “violence
involving ‘at risk supporters'” x axis links years, y axis links number of
people. During, 2006-2007 it started quit high population which was more than
150 and end of 2009-2010 it increased more than 200.


             People in nowadays, they put too
much attention and pressure to player, there are few happenings between fans
and players because of their emotional complex, such as fighting with fans and
players, keep on booing of players, and hooligans happening. These happenings
are widely concerned from the media, since conflicts between fans and players
are recently raised. 

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