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Do you want to create an awesome poster design? Well today we’re looking at how to design a quality poster with my tips on poster designing. I’m gonna have seven tips on poster designing which are more target together style the poster and also the process you want to go through when designing a poster the very first thing you want to do when designing your poster is to establish a concept now this concept needs to be very solid and it needs to be established way before you even make a single click in your daily software you want to think about what exactly you want your poster designed to say and how you gonna say it often a good concept has relevancy in social trends and society in general at a specific time this easily allows your viewer to engage in your poster design using humor is always a winner when it comes to choosing a concept for your poster and also shock value is one that you might want to consider however you need to keep in mind your target audience who’s going to be viewing your poster design because this will help you establish your concept and a directionthat you want to take so once you better understand the audience and the people viewing your poster design the better you’re going to understand the conceptbut concept is really important when it comes to poster design so leading on from concept that the next tip in designing a quality poster design is theme by theme I mean like a running style throughout the entire design you can think of this much like branding or logo design you want to evoke a certain feeling in the audience were certain emotion by the style of the poster so you want to take an account things such as typography color choices and the imagery and the graphics and how will this interacts together as one design a good poster design has a running theme throughout this ensures visual harmony and also leaves the audience not confused and allows them to engage with your design a lot easier so yeah theme and concept my first two tips leading on from there it’s reading from a distance this is pretty self-explanatory you want people to engage in your poster designer and find a visually appealing

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