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Do you want your Cannon printer to be disabled? Do you want it to be uninstalled from your PC?

You have approached to the right place. You will get all the questions answered here. Uninstalling the printers is not a rocket science if done in the correct manner.

1.     Open the option of print management after going to the start menu bar. You can open it by multiple ways for which you can reach Cannon Technical Support where our highly-qualified technicians and specialists work day and night and assist you with this matter.

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2.     You need to look for Print servers located somewhere on the panel and go for the best suited. You may get just 1 choice so you need to select that only.

3.     Then, locate the drivers from the drop-down menu. A series will pop-up your screen which will include the whole of drivers that has been installed in your PC.

4.     Then go to the driver icon and on right-clicking, hit on the representation of the text of removal of driver package.

5.     This click will eradicate the whole of the drivers for your canon printer.

6.     Reboot the PC so that the procedure or the method is completed.

If you are in a need of installing it again then, you’re stuck. If you need to know the hacks of Cannon Printer so that you can easily install and handle it, then approach your eye towards Cannon Technical Number where technicians will help you with the matter of solving it.

Know how to install it through step by step

1.     Open the main site of Cannon and look for the resources.

2.     You are advised to enter the printer’s information and look for the right representation of the number at the back of the printer or that must be in the manual.

3.     Refer to the middle of the page and in the task panel hit the drivers and software option.

4.     Click on the EXE file twice and apply with the version of the operating system. Go to the option of I agree and start to download it.

5.     Run the file and a notification will come on your screen.

6.     Complete the process by clicking on the Next option.

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