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ISQA 8030 – Information Systems & Ethics in the News


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Part 0 – Bibliographical citation for the article:


Landi, H. (2018, January 23). At Dignity Health, A Data-Driven Population Health Strategy is Yielding Promising Results. Retrieved from Health care informatics website: https://www.healthcare-informatics.com/article/population-health/dignity-health-data-driven-population-health-strategy-yielding-promising


Part 1 – Brief summary of the article:


A California based not for profit enterprise Dignity Health works with Doctor facilities and care offices in three states and is partitioned into eight local clinically coordinated systems. It is building up a methodology to change more like a care consortium company and clinically determined venture from a conventional hospital. At present Dignity Health has thirty-nine clinics which comprises of 1400 associated physicians and 6000 independent physicians who are aligned with the system. To bring disease based care models over its clinically incorporated systems, it made vast scale population health management system a reality by working together with Aetna Health.


For this to happen it accumulated knowledge about physician care plans, patient records and furthermore dealt with taking care of out-of-network systems. It worked with state Health Information exchange(HIE) associations and competing associations’ health systems to incorporate ADT (Admission, Discharge, and Transfers) information. The data driven population health strategy focuses mainly on data collection from hospitals, payer claims, lab results, prescriptions and implementation of a platform to capture this data. To distinguish the patients who are utilizing more health resources it utilized Milliman Advanced Risk Adjusters(MARA) to stratify the population and enrolled them in a patient care program accordingly. Doctors will then make a care plan recognizing particular patients actions, which will enhance the management of the disease.


Part 2 – A clear explanation of the management, ethical, legal, or social issues this article addresses:


With the introduction of Data-Driven population health strategy Physicians and care coordinators could address the issue of managing the care plans, using an evidence based library. This strategy also helps patients to manage their disease on their own without readmitting into the hospital. Incorporating each of the 150 Electronic Health Records(EHR’s) information is troublesome, as each office is giving information on EHRs’ in an unexpected way. Dignity Health addressed this issue by integrating fully with HIEs’ so that HIEs’ will capture entire data from EHRs’. Dignity health resolved the issue of the poor health system and facility levels by aligning and coordinating, population health and community health. With the newly developed Population Health Management system, Dignity Health could reduce the readmission rate for both Congestive Health Failure(CHF), and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD). Drop in the readmission rate shows that the Dignity Health’s health management system has resolved the critical social issue. The physician group itself has seen an advantage of reducing out of network migration from 55 percent to 15 percent by implementing this strategy. Dignity Health can now recognize the normal illnesses according to the geographic area by utilizing its population health management strategy.


Part 3 – My opinion on this issue based on this article:


Developing a health management system requires a lot of data management. A platform is required to extract, manage, export and store the physicians care plans from paper format to a database in order implement the care plan for patients. I agree with the Data Driven strategy that has been taken up by Dignity Health system,  as it has worked with many HIEs and EHAs to gather the data and helped patients to manage their disease with the help of population health management system and also has collaborated with Aetna Health to implement the required information system. Dignity Health identified that basic block of building a health information system is collaboration with people who are playing different roles in hospital network system. It engaged physicians, patients and HIE’s to successfully operate the Data driven strategy.


Additional References:


Chen, Y., Wang, Y., Nevo, S. et al. “Improving strategic flexibility with information technologies:  insights for firm performance in an emerging economy”. J Inf Technol (2017) 32: 10. Website: Improving Strategic Flexibility with Information Technologies-Journal of Information Technology 2017.pdf



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