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To ask if there is a need for diversity in US intelligence and diplomacy is to question the security of America and all of it’s valuables. It is of utmost importance to have diversity in all aspects of American intelligence. A well rounded selection of race, creed, religion, beliefs, and culture is the seam in which the fabric of intelligence is held together. To involve different colors of the rainbow will allow our defense systems set by the CIA, NSA, and FBI to remain all powerful. This is because of the understanding of intelligence outside American soil that comes with the inclusion of diversity. How can we obtain details of a culture and it’s practices without having someone on our team that can dissect the lifestyle and beliefs of that culture? We are compromising the safety of our Americans by limiting such positions in the intelligence departments of our nation’s defense. While America holds as a nation promised freedom and pursuit of happiness to anyone who receives our open arms, we are handicapped as a nation when we cannot infiltrate the intelligence of a not so heterogeneous country. Terrorism will always prey on our vulnerable system as long as we have no informants in place to give our intelligence departments a “heads up” before tragedy strikes. Minorities have had an uphill battle to acquire employment in high ranking covert and overt positions involving our security departments. Minorities have fought long and strenuous to sustain equality as full American citizens in all circumstances. But to discriminate in high security positions in our nation’s defense hurt the American people as a hold in the event there is a lacking of knowing other adversary plans. We cannot be so arrogant as a people to think that one color or creed can blend in anywhere. We need faces deriving from all walks of life on our side if we ever want to nationally have an impermeable defense.

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