Discrimination impacts of mental and physical health. The

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Discrimination and harassment is a common problem among women in our society, and  has very negative effects.  The dictionary meaning of discrimination is, “The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age or sex.” Women who have experienced discrimination or harassment may suffer from mental health issues. For example, when a woman in college was assaulted by her professor, she told one of the other teachers and was told, “forget about it, these things happen in women’s colleges.” This may cause mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Currently, even walking down the street women are catcalled, assaulted on college campuses, and discriminated against in the workplace.  According to Thinkprogress, one in three women have experienced discrimination.  In 2014, a blog stated that a young girl had a picture of her two male friends hanging in her room, when her uncle told her she needed to take them down, and said she had no value.  Unquestionably, discrimination and harassment have negative effects on women of all ages. The seriousness of discrimination and harassment is so vital because it has so many negative effects.  Historically men have been viewed as more important or powerful.  Women were not allowed to legally vote until the 1920’s. Women could not also own land; they would have to stay home and care for children and tend to house work.  Secondly, our government is almost exclusively men. For example, during the signing of the Declaration Of Independence, there were no women involved with the discussion or signing of it.  Additionally, only 10% of world leaders are women.  In Guyana it may even seem deliberate to minimize the role of women in government, according to Stabroek News.  Due to these and similar historic examples of discrimination towards women we carried on the negative impacts of mental and physical health. The effects of discrimination are damaging to women, so much so, that it leads to serious problems throughout their lives.  Mental and physical health is affected, with signs of depression, anxiety, along with poor eating and workout habits.  Women can also develop PTSD, sleeping problems and insecurities.  NPR’s Illinois women, Molly Mclay, says that after being sexually harassed by a man, she is scared to walk alone, and similar situations induce anxiety.  Another effect is the pay gap/ wage gap issue- the pay gap puts women and families at high risk of poverty. The annual earning difference of men and women is drastic.  A man will make an average of 51,417 while women will make only 45,489.  Women are therefore forced to stretch money as much as possible, which could lead to financial stress.  Undoubtedly, if this continues to happen, more and more women will be diagnosed with health problems and will be forced into poverty.

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