Discover the etiology of disorders helps with
creating an effective treatment or even preventing the development of
disorders. But I think, that nowadays we still do not have answers to lots of the
questions about causes of abnormalities. In all of the topics discussed during
the class we could observe that there a lot of factors that could cause mental
health problems, such as genes, biochemistry, social skills, family background,
interpersonal interactions, cognitive processes and some others. All of these factors
are important, and each of them could be a part of the puzzle called psychopathology.


Focus of the behavioural approach is about the
experience that people have in their life teaches them different behaviours.

People learn through associations they have, consequences of their own or other’s
behaviour. Even if much of our behaviour is adaptive and helps us to cope with
changing world, abnormal or undesirable behaviour could be learned too.

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Children might learn to break the society rules if they see that a parent does
it too. Or a person, who was attacked by a dog might develop a fear to all dogs
and that my lead to a development of a phobia.

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