“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Even though others may disagree and say that passion or hard work is more important, I believe that discipline is the most important quality separating success and failure. It is the ability to do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like doing it or not. It is not a good quality that one can always have. Rather, one must constantly put in effort in order to be disciplined. Personally for me, being disciplined has helped me in many aspects of both my school life and army life. It brings out other good traits such as responsibility and mental fortitude while earning the respect of others.One of my most memorable moments where I started having self-discipline was in JC.When I first entered JC, I was overweight. Since I had come from an all boys school during my pre-tertiary education days, it was my first time being in a class with girls. As a result, I had low-self confidence since I felt I didn’t look good and thus, wanted to lose weight to look better. I made a resolution to myself, that I would try to lose weight. Losing weight consistently took a lot of self-discipline. I went on a diet and cut down on the amount of food I ate. Even when I felt hungry, I had to endure and resist the temptation of food. In addition, I also formed a group with some classmates to exercise. We would exercise frequently in order to keep fit. As a result of this harsh regiment, my weight drastically decreased from 85kg to 65kg in a year. It is a very memorable experience to me as it was the first time I really tried hard to achieve a goal. I had to be very disciplined in order to persevere even when I wanted to give up. Having self-discipline has also helped me a lot in my 2 years spent serving the nation. In the army, I am an auto technician which basically means I repair tanks. Self-discipline has helped me have more self -control of myself. It made me think before I speak and avoid using harsh words which may start quarrels, helping me foster and maintain good relations with both superiors and my fellow NSFs. Being self-disclipined has made my army life in general much easier, keeping me focused on the task at hand, and making sure work is done properly. Even tasks I am unwilling to do become natural with something natural within my routine and is something that must be done, without giving any excuses. Self-discipline has earned me the respect of my peers and since I tend to work diligently to complete work on time and tend not to be lazy or procrastinate.Self-discipline is very important to me as it affects my self-esteem. It is not about doing what is popular, but rather, doing what is right Every time I discipline myself to do something that I know is right and should be done, my self-esteem rises and I feel proud about myself. It makes me feel good about myself and that my conscience is clear. Overall, with self-discipline, one will become a better person in life. Contrary to common belief, self-discipline is not a severe and limited behavior or a restrictive lifestyle. I believe that it is a key factor for success. It expresses itself in other good qualities such as perseverance or self-control and is vital in studying or developing any other good qualities. Thus, self-discipline is very important for me.No one knows what the past could have been if I had more self-discipline. No one knows what I could have achieved or if I would have been a different person. But the nice thing about self-discipline is that we can shape our future and change it to a more successful one if only we start applying more self-discipline in our lives.

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