Digital buyers in the digital world (Gandini, 2016).

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Digital marketing has materialized as a
specialization in the recent past with its origins deep-rooted in traditional
marketing (Gandini,
2016). The increased digital marketing
techniques have been influenced by the rapidly advancing technology which has
led to the production of many sophisticated devices. This has in turn been an
advantage for marketers since the increased number of devices implies an
increased audience level (Swaminathan, 2016). This audience
can then be effectively converted into customers and consumers who can be
engaged in direct personal communication with the media marketers. In a
nutshell, the current digital age has revolutionized the aspect of marketing by
improving speed and quality of communication between marketers and potential
consumers (Gandini,

One of the main aims of digital marketers
is to create deep connections between the product being marketed and the
consumers of this product so that subconscious recognition of the product is
established in the digital world. When this level of digital marketing is
achieved, the product is said to have attained brand recognition (Swaminathan, 2016).
However, unlike in traditional markets where brand recognition implies the
connections between the product itself and consumers themselves in the physical
world, digital branding entails establishing connections between the product
and the potential buyers in the digital world (Gandini, 2016).
Stablishing such connections in the digital world requires an interface through
which communication should take place (Swaminathan, 2016).

Company Background:
Jaguar Cars

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Jaguar is a luxury vehicle brand belonging
to the British MNC known as Jaguar Land Rover. The company has its headquarters
in Coventry, England, and its under the ownership of Tata Motors of Indian
origin (Oshea, 2016). Jaguar company was founded in the year 1922, a year when
the company began by producing motorbikes prior to engaging in full-vehicle
manufacturing (Oshea, 2016). As time went by, the company, in collaboration with
Standard Motor Corporation, began manufacturing vehicles with bodies. The
corporate name was officially transformed from S.S. Cars to Jaguar Cars in the
year 1945. The company then later merged with British Motor Corporation in the
year 1966, and later with Leyland Motors, forming the British-Leyland
Corporation in 1975 (Oshea, 2016).

However, following the failure of the
British Leyland merger, Jaguar spun off from the merger and was later acquired
by Ford Motors in 1984. Since then, Jaguar has continuously been manufacturing
land rover type vehicles under its Jaguar brand name.

Scope of Study

This research precisely focuses on Jaguar
Cars as a company which needs to improve its brand perception in the global
market. While other automobile companies may be mentioned in the course of the
research, the main focus is on Jaguar. Secondly, the research focuses on how
Jaguar Cars can develop a digital branding strategy. Since there are many
aspects of digital branding, the literature reviewed shows that the most
effective digital marketing/branding approaches include social media marketing,
search engine marketing, and website marketing. Social media marketing entails
the use of existing social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to
create a strong market brand. Search marketing entails a number of strategies
aimed at increasing brand recognition on the internet by influencing the search
results on search engines such as Google. This study will be limited to these
digital branding strategies.

Research Question

General Research

What is Jaguar’s current level of brand
recognition in the global market

How can Jaguar Cars develop an effective
branding strategy that would see its sales improve significantly?

How can the company develop a unique
brand, using digital techniques, that would see Jaguar’s brand recognition in
the global market improve significantly?

Specific Research

What is Jaguar’s current measure of brand
recognition in terms of social media presence?

What is Jaguar’s current measure of brand
recognition in terms of web-analysis?

What is Jaguar’s current measure of brand
recognition in terms of web search ranking?

How can Jaguar develop a digital brand
using social media presence?

How can Jaguar develop a digital brand
using web-marketing techniques?

How can Jaguar develop a digital brand
using Search Engine Marketing techniques?

How effective will be the developed
digital branding strategies for Jaguar Cars?

Problem Statement

While Jaguar cars is a widely recognized
vehicle brand all over the world, it is still facing stiff competition from
other motor corporations such as Toyota, Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen, and
Honda. These stiff competitors limit Jaguar’s sales in the global market. In
order to improve the company’s sales, the company not only needs to manufacture
quality products at a cheaper cost, but also needs to establish a strong brand
image in the global motor vehicle market. Establishing such a strong brand
requires that the company has to engage in sophisticated marketing and product
promotion techniques so as to establish a deep connection between its potential
customers and its products. Luckily, the modern digital era has provided
technological means and platforms that enhance communication hence improve
marketing. Not only can corporations make use of digital technologies – such as
social media marketing, website creation, and e-mail marketing – to relay
messages to intended recipients at a faster rate, but can also use the same
techniques to reach out on a relatively large number of recipients. Modern data
analytics – such as website analytics and big data analytics – also allow
marketers to monitor customer purchase behavior, track their sales, and improve
the overall corporate profitability. While these digital techniques are
currently available for exploitation, implementation of an effective digital
marketing approach has proved to be a challenge for Jaguar Cars.


General Objective

To develop a digital branding strategy
that will assist Jaguar Cars improve its product brand awareness, create an
emotional connection with potential buyers, and achieve buyer preference over
other luxury vehicles.

Specific Objectives

To find out the current brand recognition
level of Jaguar Cars

To develop a new social media branding strategy
aimed at improving brand recognition of Jaguar Cars

To develop a new search marketing branding
strategy aimed at improving brand recognition of Jaguar Cars

To develop a new website branding strategy
aimed at improving brand recognition of Jaguar Cars

To determine the effectiveness – by
measuring brand of the new social media, website, mobile, and search marketing
branding strategies developed for Jaguar Cars

Literature Review

Digital Branding

Digital branding refers to a brand
management approach which uses a combination of digital marketing and internet
branding to develop a corporate brand over a given range of digital avenues.
Such avenues include internet-based relationships, media content, or
device-based applications. The main aim of digital branding is to deliver value
proposition which unique and authentic so as to make potential customers
understand the company as a whole as well as the specific product that the
company is selling. Digital branding analyzes user profiles and purchase processes
so as to aid the brand developers in creating awareness, emotional connection,
and brand preference in the market.

Establishment of a digital product brand
involves four critical aspects; (1) Creation of a digital brand story (2)
Creativity in media and digital marketing (3) Content distribution and digital
channels which should be based on the data about consumer behavior (4) Creation
of strong digital relationships between consumers and consumers, and consumers
and the producers.

Luxury Brands

According to Arringo (2015), a luxury
product must fulfil three criteria; excellent artistic dimension, excellent
craftsmanship, and international recognition. Jaguar has vested in the
manufacture of luxury cars. However, this does not necessarily imply that the
company’s cars fulfil the above criteria. Instead, Jaguar wishes to fulfil the
criteria through the establishment of a strong digital brand. Therefore, the
brand that will be designed will focus on the three aspects. First, the brand
should be recognized in the international luxury products’ market. Achievement
of international recognition implies that the company must employ the modern
digital marketing approaches; precisely SEO, Social media marketing, and
website marketing. Second, the brand must have an excellent artistic dimension
so as to appeal to the secondary and tertiary needs of different consumers all
over the world. Gaining international recognition is one thing, actual
improvement of sales is another thing. Lastly, the brand must have excellent
craftsmanship for a similar reason as that of excellent artistic dimension.
Craftsmanship and artistic dimension reveal the most luxurious aspects of the
vehicle brand. The aspects must be unique from other brands so as to gain
recognition due to the luxurious uniqueness.

Digital Branding

Media Marketing

Social Media marketing takes advantage of
the increased social media use in the 21st century to reach out to
as many audiences as possible (Stelzner, 2014). Existing social
media platforms include Facebook. Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, and Nimbuzz.
According to a report released by Ashley & Tuten (2015),
Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube have the highest share of social media users.
Therefore, effective marketing and brand development aimed at reaching out to
as many people as possible can be achieved through use of these top social
media sites. Various researchers such as Swaminathan  (2016) and Stelzner (2014) have indicated the
positive impact of social media presence and corporate performance. Similarly,
researchers such as Ashley
and Tuten (2015) and Hollebeek et al (2014) have
indicated a positive correlation between social media presence and positive
brand recognition.


According to a number of researchers such
as Tandoc &
Thomas (2015) and Järvinen & Karjaluoto (2015),
marketing performance and brand improvement can be achieved through increased
web-based marketing. Additionally, the marketing should be accompanied by
metrics that indicate the progress of the company’s marketing efforts and the
results of those efforts. Hopefully, existing technologies such web analytics
can be used to track a web-site’s performance hence assist in improving on the
website’s weaknesses and capitalizing on its strengths (Tandoc & Thomas, 2015).
Given the continuing importance of web marketing and web analytics to most
corporations, this study considers the use of these strategies in improving
Jaguar’s brand.

Web Analytics involves collecting,
measuring, analyzing, and reporting data extracted from a website for purposes
of understanding and improving web usage. Web analytics has grown to become an
important tool for market research and digital brand development. The basic
premise is that the higher the amount of web visits, the higher the web
recognition. If the website has SEO marketing, a higher degree of web traffic
illustrates the effectiveness of the SEO marketing approach (Järvinen & Karjaluoto, 2015).

Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing aims at improving
the ranking of a website in search engines. According to researchers such as (Fahlström & Jensen, 2016),
search engine optimization improves brand recognition because it exposes a
corporation’s website to more and more viewers with time. The higher the rate
of web vists, the greater the probability of improved brand recognition. However,
researchers such as (Hassan & Dadwal, 2016)
posit that the use of search marketing is only effective to small start-ups
which have not found recognition in the global market.


Research Design

The study will initially begin by
evaluating the current brand recognition level for Jaguar Cars. After
evaluating the current level of brand recognition, the researcher will then
embark on the development of a new digital branding strategy – based on four
branding channels; social media, websites, search engines, and mobile apps –
aimed at improving the current level of brand recognition for Jaguar Cars.

Current Brand Recognition

In order to determine the current level of
brand recognition, the researcher will need data on the overall brand
recognition. The three key aspects that will be used to measure current level
of brand recognition include brand surveys, web analytics, and social media


A brand survey is a general of determining
the level of brand recognition in the market, and the likelihood of customers
not only purchasing the product, but also recommending the product to other
people. The researcher will implement a brand survey so as to find out how
Jaguar Cars is recognized in the global market. Since Jaguar Cars is a MNC, the
customers to be targeted for the brand must come from all over the world, hence
the brand survey must be conducted online. The researcher has identified an online
brand survey tool known as NetPromoter, which analyzes both customers’ ranking
of the brand as well as their likelihood of recommending the brand to other
potential buyers. Precisely, NetPromoter includes questions aimed at finding
out the customers’ attitudes towards the brand, their level of attachment and
loyalty to the brand, and their overall engagement in the brand. NetPromoter is
based on the following question;

How likely is it that you would
recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?

The responses
are given a scale ranging from 0 to 10. If a customer selects a value of zero,
the implication is that they are ‘NOT AT ALL LIKELY’ to promote the brand,
hence they have a negative attitude towards the brand. This implies that even if
they recognize the brand, they are unlikely to advise other people to adopt the
brand. On the other hand, if a customer selects 10, the implication is that the
customer ‘WILL DEFINITELY’ recommend the brand to another potential buyer. This
shows the highest level of satisfaction of the customer.


In this study, web analysis of the various
Jaguar websites will be conducted. The main aspects of the analysis process
will include;

1.      Use
of HTML Validators and other back-end tools to determine the success rate of
the website. For instance, a determination of the trend of visitors for the
website will be an indication of its brand recognition. If the trend is
increasing, brand recognition is improving.

2.      Measurement
of Jaguar Website’s potential audience by use of various web analytics tools
such as Google Analytics.

Marketing Measurement

This entails the use of Search Engines to
find out the level of ranking of a website in search engine results. In short,
whenever a person decides to search for specific keywords included in Jaguar’s
website such as Jaguar, Cars, Land-Rover, etc – what is the probability that
Jaguar’s hyperlinks will be among the first search results brought by the
search engine the user searches with? The following data will be collected on
search marketing;

1.      Web
popularity. In order to determine web popularity for Jaguar’s website, the
researcher will determine the number of pages of Jaguar’s site that have been
indexed by Google, the most common search engine.

2.      Web
saturation. In order to determine web saturation, the researcher will find out,
using Google as the most common search engine, the number of back-links that
Jaguar’s site has. The higher the web saturation, the higher the brand

Social Media Presence

The researcher will make use of Facebook
features to find out brand recognition of Jaguar Cars all over the world.
Precisely, the researcher will implement the Social Mention approach whereby he
will simply search a number of key words on Facebook’s search tool, filter the
search results to posts, photos, shops, and places. The data will be recorded
in the table below;

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