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Did you know there was a thing called the Yellow Peril, where asians and chinese werent able to come to the u.s., and that people got there eyes opened up and checked to see if you were allowed in the u.s.? In this Essay I will be explaining the waves of immigration going from pre 1790 to now. I will be telling you where the immigrants came from, how much came, and what they did to america.Many people came to America before 1790. Native americans and Vikings were the first to arrive at america. After the vikings and the Native Americans, more immegrints came,  most were European and African.  This all happened from before 1790.  Most African Americans were brought to america because of slavery, the slaves experienced sea sickness, starvation, cold and wetness, pain and possibly more hurtful feelings. The first wave of the United States immigration occurred from 1790 – 1820.  African Americans, Mexicans, and basically any other race that was dark skinned were slaves if located in the United States.  White men decided that since darker skinned people didn’t have the same skin tone as them, they could treat them like slaves.  Black people experienced labor, starvation, and thirst while white people were experiencing luxury, and comfort.The Second wave of the United States immigration occurred from 1820-1880.  The Irish, Germans, British, Canadian, Chinese, African, and the Scandinavians came.  The Irish came because in Ireland had a potato Famine where there was a disease in the Potatoes, the German came because of economical and political Freedom, the Scandinavians came because of the land in the midwest, and the Chinese came because of the war back in china.  When they arrived people called the Know-Nothings were nativism, and disagreed with some people’s choices of religion and political choices so they decided to be rude to other people, and the Chinese were shown hate because america though Chinese and Asians were “Evil” and that they brought diseases and the stole from you, so then the Yellow Peril started and americans thought they could just block China out with the “Exclusion Act.”The Third Wave occurred over the course of 1880 – 1930.  People came from Mexico, Eastern Europe, Russia, and Armenien.  They came for a better life and some came to make more money.  Once they arrived suspicion of loyalty arose, people would not welcome them because they thought the immigrants were being suspicious. The fourth wave occurred over the course of 1965-2000’sLegal and illegal immigrants came from Mexico, Philippines, Korea, Dominican, India, Cuba, Vietnam, Canada, and quadrupole the amount of Asians.  People experienced Border Block because many illegal immigrants would come with legal visa cards but then after the visa expired they would stay.  The Fourth wave of immigrants settled mainly in California, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey because they want to improve the economy, add to our diversity, and rebuild our cities.  There were two magger acts, one was the Naturalization act getting rid of the quota system and allowing a lot more immigrants in, signed my President Johnson, and the other act was the Immigration Reform and Control act which made around 3 million illegal immigrants legal.   The Fourth wave added a lot of latinos and asians adding more diversity and a rainbow of races in america.In conclusion, immegration has played a big role in american society because without immegration, most of us wouldnt be here, and immegrints rebuilt our cities and improved our econimy and diversity. I am happy we have had immegration because one, my ansestors are immegrints, and two immegrints help with diversity, religion, and politics.

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