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Did you know that Walt Disney created the first full length animated film?  This movie is called  and the Seven Dwarfs, a favorite of many people still today.  His influence through films has shaped the way many of us think today.  He also persevered to achieve his dreams even when he faced multiple challenges.  Because of these reasons, I would like to induct Walt Disney into the Hall of Fame. Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901, to his parents Elias Disney and Flora Call Disney.   He was raised as a Congregationalist Christian, and he was very devoted to his faith throughout his life.  When he was three years old his family moved to Marceline, Missouri where he spent most of his childhood.  Disney always had an interest in art, and he often sold artwork to his neighbors.  He participated in many artistic extracurriculars and electives at school.  For example, he participated in art classes.  He also took part in helping to develop the school’s newspaper.  He contributed his talents of artistry and photography.  At the age of 16, he dropped out of high school to enlist in the army. Unfortunately, he was rejected because he was underage.  Instead of returning to school, Disney decided to work for the Red Cross in France.  There, he drove an ambulance and chauffeured Red Cross officials around.  Disney continued to develop his artistic skills by decorating ambulances with cartoon characters, drawing posters for the Red Cross, and making war-related comics (“About Walt Disney” and “Walt E. Disney Timeline – Disney History”). After spending roughly a year in France,  Disney returned to America and got a job in Kansas City as an advertising cartoonist.  A short time later, he meets Ub Iwerks and together they form the Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists.  Unfortunately, this company failed after one month.  Disney continues to work hard, despite this bump in the road.  He goes on to create Laugh-O-Gram.  This company also fails, going bankrupt after just one year. These challenges did not stop Disney  ( “Walt E. Disney Timeline – Disney History”).Disney continues to follow his dream by moving to Hollywood.  Soon after his arrival, he establishes the Disney Brothers Studio with his brother, Roy Disney.  He secures a contract to film the “Alice Comedies,” which features a girl filmed in live action who interacts with animated figures.  On July 13, 1925, Disney married Lillian Bounds.  The couple was blessed with two lovely girls named Diane and Sharon.  Diane was born in 1933, and Sharon was adopted in 1936.  Walt and Lillian raised their two daughters as devout Christians.  They taught Sharon and Diane the importance of religion and how to be faithful followers of God.  They change the name of the studio to Walt Disney Studios.  Over the course of the next few years, he creates several new cartoons including Steamboat Willie and The Old Mill.  On December 21 of 1937, Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs made its debut at the Carthay Circle Theatre in Los Angeles, California.  This movie was the first full length animated feature, and was made at the unheard cost of $1,499,000. This is incredible, given they were in the midst of the Great Depression.  It is still considered one of the most

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