Did you know that Nunavut is around 2,000,000 kilometres squared in area? In comparison, Italy is roughly 300,000 kilometres squared. That means that Nunavut is around 6.7 times bigger than Italy. Despite this, Italy’s population is nearly 60,500,000 people, whereas Nunavut’s population is around 40,000 people. In fact, Nunavut is among the world’s most sparsely populated areas. Despite this, Nunavut is absolutely my favourite place in the world for multiple reasons. The first reason why Nunavut is my favourite place is because of the amazing culture in each community. There are only 25 communities in the territory, however, each community is individually unique and rich in culture. The second reason why Nunavut is my favourite place is because of the history. My ancestors have lived in Nunavut for many centuries and whenever I visit, I am reminded of my familial history in Baffin Island. The third reason why Nunavut is my favourite place is because of the land. It may seem vast, but there is so much more to Nunavut that I want to share.Inuit culture in Nunavut thrives thoroughly in every community. Each community is like a web – everything interconnects, whether it is familial or historical connections. A few of the many things the communities all have in common include unique art, a beautiful language and old traditions. Inuit in Nunavut are well known for their art. My home community, Cape Dorset, is among the most established community for it’s distinct art. In fact, my aunt’s art can be found in the National Gallery of Canada! Another aspect of Inuit culture is the language. Inuktitut is among the three main languages spoken in Nunavut. The language is alphasyllabary; it is written and spoken in a sequence of consonant-vowel. Inuktitut has been around for thousands of years and was not a written language until roughly a hundred years ago when Christian missionaries came to Nunavut so that they could translate the Bible into Inuktitut syllabics. Another integral part of the culture in Nunavut are the many Inuit traditions. Among the many traditions are Inuit games. These games have been around for centuries and are rather interesting to play. The games test your strength and endurance and are very fun to try. An example of a traditional Inuit game is the Muskox push, which looks similar to two Muskox who fight for dominance. The games are still played today, however for different reasons. Overall, one of the many reasons why Nunavut is my favourite place is because of the culture.It is a given fact that Nunavut is the youngest territory in Canada. Despite this, Nunavut has a long and interesting history which makes it one of my favourite places. Nunavut has seen Norse Vikings, the Northwest Passage, and the Cold War. There is evidence that Vikings visited Baffin Island, Nunavut, around one thousand years ago. Personally, I find that fact interesting because it is entirely possible that my ancestors had traded with Norse Vikings. Another interesting piece of history is the Northwest Passage. While seeking a quick route to China to trade, some Europeans thought that they could sail through the Arctic Archipelago. The European’s didn’t make it. In fact, local Inuit tried helping these men but they flatly refused. Through oral history and storytelling, Inuit were able to help locate the missing Franklin Expedition nearly 170 years later. Storytelling is a big part of Inuit history because Inuit history was not written. During the Cold War, there was a threat of Soviets or Americans who could have possibly establish Nunavut as a part of their own government. Because of this, some families were forcibly relocated to Nunavut from Northern Quebec to assert Canadian sovereignty. However, there were American military bases in Nunavut as well to defend. In fact, my grandmother was born at an American army base when they were establishing the DEW Lines! The deep history in Nunavut makes it among my favourite places in the world.The land in Nunavut is unique compared to the rest of Canada; there are no trees and it considerably more mountainous. One of the many reasons why Nunavut is my favourite place is because of the tundra. The permafrost hinders tree growth, but the mountainous terrain makes up for the lack of trees. In the summertime, Nunavut is incredibly beautiful. For two short months, it is plentiful. The summer months are when the caribou migrate, when the Arctic Hares turn brown, when the plentiful purple saxifrage bloom, when the sea ice melts, when the seagulls migrate, when the mosquitoes come out, when the moss melts, when the lemmings come out of hibernation, and when the sun sets at 2 AM. Summertime is my favourite season in Nunavut because of the beauty of the Arctic. Nunavut is my home, and it has been my ancestors home for thousands of years. It is so vast and sometimes it is hard to fathom that my ancestors have survived for centuries without modern technology. Nunavut is my favourite place because of the culture, the history, and the land. I will always return when I have the chance.

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