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Diagnostic Essay What exactly is unpatriotic? A company made a bumper sticker stating that SUV’s are Super Unpatriotic Vehicles, but what exactly makes them so unpatriotic? This sticker could represent the fact that we as in the United States of America get most of our gas from other countries; or it could be a “Go Green Statement” being made, because SUV’s are said to pollute the air more than the typical eco friendly cars we have today. The purpose of this sticker for one is to get under all SUV manufacturers’ skin, also we are going through the whole “going green” phase.

The providers of this sticker are more than likely “tree huggers” trying to be heard. Some trucks and SUV’s use a lot of gas and pollute the air more than the eco friendly cars that are being made today. Some people may not understand the nature of the bumper sticker, it is a small thing with a powerful statement behind it. This sticker is attacking SUV makers who have been around for years and calling them unpatriotic. What’s the difference between a soccer mom van and a baseball dad’s Armada?

Propose we did take the bumper sticker seriously, companies who make SUV’s would crash, and gas prices would increase rapidly. If a sticker could effect our lives that much, why would they stop there? Ask yourself, “what exactly is the point or even the exact message that the company is trying to send out”? It appears to me that they haven’t provided any facts to back up their statement SUV’s are Super Unpatriotic Vehicles. The truthfulness that stands behind this sticker is little to none. Everything in some way effects the earth, whether its here or across the globe.

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The sticker or the creator of the sticker did not provide any facts that prove the sticker to be true. I honestly feel that the sticker is just a sticker. In conclusion, the SUV sticker is still a sticker. The statement its making is only how one interprets it, some take it as a stab at the united states, others think, think it’s a fun joke. At the end of the day, SUV’s and other vehicles of transportation affect our environment in some way. Its our job as individuals to make our environment better.

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