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Design situation:

In accordance with the continuous evolution and
changes in technology, lifestyles, cultures, occupations and all other aspects
of living, one of the few constants in the advancement of the human race has
been the arts.

We tend to think of beautiful cave paintings as art. But that’s only about 40,000 years
old. We know that 85,000 years ago, in southern Africa, our ancestors were
carving on ostrich eggshells. Twenty thousand years earlier, they were drilling
holes in small shells and wearing them around their necks. One hundred thousand
years before that, they were crumbling ochre and rubbing it on their bodies.
Five hundred thousand years before that, they were making tools that were
incredibly beautiful and aesthetic. Art is very deeply embedded in
human history and is a basic evolutionary trait.

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It has long been taken for granted that art is
present in all aspects of human activity and culture, and that it has various
important roles in society. But increasingly, in many corners of global society
we can see that people feel art has become distant from everyday life and that
it no longer inspires them and has nothing to do with their daily lives. Today,
art has sadly lost its place and significance in the modern, cosmopolitan
world, and this is evident from the large number of art education programs
being shut down in schools and colleges across the globe.

Knowing this, I have taken it upon myself to
promote the importance of art in the 21st century and to showcase
its evolution through an informative website, which will be targeted towards
both educators and students to help them understand and realize that the arts
are an essential part of a holistic learning and growing experience in the
modern world.

My topic goes well with the global context
“Orientation in Space and Time,” as my product explores the evolution and
development of art across various parts of the world and showcases how it has
changed through the course of centuries. My product also serves as a reminder
of what humans have lost and gained in the field of art over time and records
its history for our future generations to understand.

role does art play in modern society?

has been the significance of art in history?

is the importance of promoting art and its evolution?

significance will art have in the future?

are the reasons for art programs being shut down today?

have art forms evolved over time?

do art forms differ from place to place?

are some examples of similar websites and their features?

materials and tools do I have?

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