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Machines based on artificial intelligence help humans to perform domestic chores, educational duties, as well as entertainment purposes. Busy work schedules have led to the designing of robots that help people with domestic chores. Simple robots have been designed to do basic household chores including cleaning, lawn mowing and dishwashing among others.

Personal robots as opposed to industrial robots are tailored to fit personal needs. Personal robots enable an individual to automate repetitive household and work life tasks, which lead to high productivity. A personal or domestic robot also liberates people from unpleasant and dangerous tasks and gives more liberty and security (Cook 144). The main objective of inventing robots is to make life easier for busy people like a pilot, who has less time to attend to household tasks. Robots abide by directions precisely, which in turn boosts their efficiency in the log run.

Personal Robot

In my future career as a pilot, the perfect personal robot should be able to help in performing household chores and manage every aspect of my life. The robot will be fully automated to be able to do simple physical and mental works. In terms of set up and anatomical structure, I imagine a robot with enough sensors to allow for safe indoor localization and navigation within the house. The robot should be wheel driven for easy locomotion in and outside the house.

It should be fitted with laser range finder and stereo camera to help it in recognizing the surroundings easily. It should also be capable of assessing whether the job performed is successful or not. The robot should be designed with responsive artificial intelligence to assist in kitchen tasks including dish washing and cooking. Sophisticated technologies sporting humane limbs, innovative detectors, cameras, fan layout with mobility coupled with many other operative appurtenances will help it to efficiently prepare meals, and interact with utensils and kitchen appliances. Moreover, it should also help in serving breakfast and cleaning the house.

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The robot should also be useful in providing help in situations where people are not in the condition to perform the household chores on their own. In addition to kitchen tasks, the robot should be able to do laundry duties. The robot should be designed to sweep dirt and debris that clings to rough surfaces and carpets. It should be able to carry out vacuum cleaning and even outdoor lawn mowing to keep the compound clean.

All these activities should be done with less or no human intervention. To avoid accidents caused by robots, my personal robot will be installed with a safety awareness device that stops the robot automatically. The safety device when pressed, trips the circuit and this causes the robot to stop functioning.

A lock down device will also be necessary in my personal robot. This device will be controlled by a specific code that commands a complete shut down of the robotic activities. I will also fit the robot with a trapped key interlock mechanism that causes delay in the activity of the robot. The key exchange system cuts power supply to the robot parts making the robot to stop spontaneously. In addition to the mechanical guard systems, the robot will also be fitted with a sensing device. This device comprises of pressure sensitive mats which when tripped will require a separate actuation of the controls to reactivate the robot.

Human and Robots

Robots also called golems are contrived agents, which take after human beings in many ways including perceptual experience among other factors.

However, “robots lack a soul and emotional feelings like humans” (Jefferies 243). The closer interactions of a personal robot with humans make it a friend in the modern society. I will not consider my personal robot human because the robots lack a clear way of expressing desires and orders and rely on instructions from humans in order to respond. Robots unlike humans lack speech and cannot express themselves by use of gestures and facial expressions. In the home settings, the social rules are so complex as opposed to industries. Therefore, personal robots in addition to making life easier should be able to perceive and understand the surroundings. Moreover, golems have to undergo great changes for them to pass for human beings like developing the capacity to categorize items or have emotions.

Moreover, the idea of safe interaction between the robot and humans makes robots more of a machine than human. Robots lack human detection and motion planning and are so likely to cause accidents just like any other fabricated machines (Craig 65). Personal robots also cannot plan tasks like humans and rely on instructions to function. Robots rely on orders given to them by humans and thus cannot pass for humans. Additionally, humans are highly adaptable and creative, qualities that are apparently lacking in a robot. A robot cannot protect its own existence rendering it vulnerable to damage and degeneration over time. Inasmuch as robots help humans with many activities and in the process make life simpler, robots can be a source of worry for humans in future.

Personal robots that do everything for an individual like cooking and cleaning may make humans lazy. The efficiency and the high productivity of robots as compared to humans may make employers to resort to using robots instead of human labor. Consequently, robots will replace several millions of workers around the globe. Massive unemployment will increase the level of crime and insecurity. Robots armies can also be designed including super soldiers for war against enemy nations. The autonomy technologies granted to robots especially robots designed for war is risky to humans. This means that the robots can work independently and even against the intentions of the persons who designed them. These situations present many potential problems as robots may turn out to be rogue agents.

The behavior of autonomous robot will indicate that the autonomous technologies are not under direct control of the individual who designed it.


Robots especially personal robots are very useful in doing many household chores. They have the advantage of being fast, efficient and do not tire easily like humans. In doing all the chores, they allow people to concentrate in their respective careers. However, robots are a source of worry in the future as they can be risky to humans.

Robots with autonomous technologies take actions without orders from the individual who designed them raising the possibility of these robots acting defiantly even against their architect. Robots of war also limit the role of soldiers and endanger citizens. Given these facts, it suffices to conclude that robots are useful to humans as they make life better for their merits outweigh their demerits.

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