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Describing myself with few adjectives doesn’t justify the competency that I have within to get the work done, and also I believe that action and experience speak louder than words. But there is one thing that always has been constant in my life is, I’m a very goal-oriented person and would cross every puddle and resolve any obstacle that comes along the way.  I was born and raised in the port city of Gujarat called the Surat.

I grew up in an education-oriented family wherein my father who is an engineer and an established entrepreneur has worked day and night to make his dream company run successfully. My mother is an excellent homemaker. We are kind of a family where ideas and solutions are discussed over the dining table. With a negotiable interest and much influenced by my parents, I used to practice swimming, art and debating. Attending business conference during my under graduation course that was something I always looked forward to attending. Apart from the exposure in India, I have stayed in Canada for 3 months that gave me an exposure in the aspect of cultural diversity and expanded my horizon greatly and opened up a new world for me.

  In my formative years, I have participated in various round table conferences of Spinout of Innovations and was selected as top 15 participants to attend. The major stepping stone during my college was my internship at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. The topmost institute of India and is listed world ranking. I was selected out of the 2000 participant and worked on the project: Education Innovation Bank: Decentralization Professional Development and Quality enhancement in Public Schooling of India. Apart from undergoing internship training, I was recruited as a Research associate at Dexter Consultancy Pvt.Ltd, Ahmedabad, India, in my last year of college. The nature of work included as Field Supervision, Team building and Training and Operational Planning and much more.

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Handling my study, work and dissertation part made me responsible and mature. However, my real life work experience begins at Paramount Consultancy in Surat, India. As an Associate, my work is to bring in innovation and recruit more staff  which eventually lead to a team of 11 from 3. From acquiring clients, preparing proposals to handling the financial management, setting up another branch gave me a great insight into the world of business.

  Academically, I have pursued science stream in my high school which helped me to think analytically. To choose a course for my college, I had a little out of box thinking and opted for Liberal Studies course at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar. I majored in Business Administration ( Marketing) and Minor as my Economics. Though I performed rather ordinarily, since I was more inclined towards practical exposure which I have mentioned earlier like attending conference, internships and was recruited for a job from my university. Apart from all these, I have a huge appetite for traveling and have taken numerous trips. Words of Chanakya and Osho shaped me just as much as the periodical and worldly matters.   The reason I opted University of Victoria is because, Institution here deliver pratical and career –oriented training so graduates can be confident that they have skills demanded by employers, It has played an important role in Canada economic performance, by greatly increasing the skill of workers and contributing to improved productivity.

?Averring that learning is a lifelong process, I wish to pursue my masters in Global Business. Considering that globalization has settled through and has overcome time and distance has made me realize that nothing is beyond our reach. One cannot limit themselves while pursuing dreams. The reason for pursuing my Masters from overseas and especially from the reputed institute is because of the advancement in the field of management and education system and not to forget the faculty. I wish to globalize our business to which I would need a professional learning exposure and the BEST one. All this could be achieved through the best research faculty and projects and varied course at University of Victoria. I had also looked at various other courses in the different institute, but Master of Global Business at university of Victoria matched my area of interest since (it will focus on International Business in three different continents in which I have always had a soft corner as I was explored to that study in the International Relation in my Under Graduate course).

Also, I like to stay updated on the know-how of the global issues in terms of economy, business and politics. Considering that I already have a background knowledge on political economy and International politics and management would help me better understand the program more clearly. University of Victoria itself is globally developed with its research and vibrant community. Strong partnership with other leading universities and university with triple crown international business accreditation makes University of Victoria reputed with the strong foundation. The reason for choosing this course is because, those three countries that are known for its multicultural diversity and of course, the land of opportunities. Living with a group of strangers in a strange place with strange culture has itself says to believe in existence.

After going through a curriculum of Master of Global Business, I felt after completing the course, one would be confident enough to stand differently from the crowd. Global immersion will give you different direction in life. It helps us to build skills to compete in Global Market. From this course, one thing I will be sure that every morning would be different. I will be able to develop a global mindset and diverse teamwork skills, and it could build my international negotiation, management and communication skills. Beyond the usual business management course, it has an emphasis on cross culture awareness that would contribute to our own personal and professional growth.

   By pursuing Masters of Global Business at University of Victoria, a wide array of network and global exposure awaits. Diversity in class, curriculum and university surely can broaden my global perspective. I am more that certain that my education in those three continents and at university of Victoria will defiantly prove to be the great asset for my future. As my career plan is to globalize our business, and this course will help me wide in the perspective. As our business is set locally, I would like to further expand globally and bring in a new market and to serve the needs of the people here in my country. 

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