Life can never seem to be truly satisfied.

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Life Stinks?
To better oneself, the only human condition that continues to appear no matter who you look at in most modern civilization. The process in which people better them self is they base their condition on the amount of material things that you have. This not only a bad way to judge ones importance it is the exact way of how to judge ones unhappiness or unsatisfactoryness with ones current life. People spend their entire life trying to better them self and with each accomplishment is met with the same problem as before, I am still not happy. The void that people feel inside, like they are not complete, cant be filled with materialistic things. This longing that is there after accomplish or get some material thing is what make life unsatisfactory. This is a grand doctrine of the Buddha. In fact it is one of his four noble truths. By using those truths. That life is dukkha ( unsatisfactory), This suffering is caused, Can be healed, and the way to roughhouses is through the eight fold path. These four truths can help explain why man can never seem to be truly satisfied.

The first of these truths is that life is unsatisfactory. This is the hardest for people to admit. That they are not happy there is always something that hey want or need that they don not or can not have. Most people have to have a shelter and food to live but people go and get more like a elaborate house and that satisfies for a while then that longing returns and there comes the car and the cycle repeat itself. If a person was truly happy they would not have to by things thy could live in poverty and have no problem with it cause inside they are truly happy.

He second of the nobles truth deals with that we cause our own suffering. When a person grasp on to things like a car or the house. We cling so tightly to it and when it doesnt satisfy sit brings a deeper sense of unhappiness. How does this happen? It can be easiest explained by using the Buddhist concept of the dependant arising. Dependant arising I a concept that nothing is permanent and that everything is in change. Things are only able to bring happiness if it is everlasting. It is not said that there is nothing cause things are not permanent things. This is the concept of dependant arising. We and all things are real they are not permanent. People are two dependently arisen things. Though we are the most complex of these. The best analogy is used in The questions of king Milinda. Where Nagasena and Milind are talking about What is a chariot in the end they realize that its components like the axel, the body, the reins are not the chariot. It is all the parts put together that make the chariot. There is no permanent chariot, if you take apart the chariot here are only the parts and no chariot. This is why when people grasp on to thing it causes suffering. Because things like cars and houses are not permanent they merely are pieces put together. Remember only permanent things can give happiness and if there are no permanent things then those objects that people buy o give them happiness can not give happiness.

Now if you have found your self wondering if you have this condition of not being happy. That no mater what you do you are happy. Or that if things that you have attached yourself to something and when it has seen its end and you were heartbroken. You know that Buddha was telling the truth. You ask how can I overcome this obsession of egotistical craving? Simple you need to recognize the third truth and follow the fourth noble truth.

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