delicious facts do you know that in theoxygen radical absorbance capacity scorewhich measures antioxidant potential ofplant-based foods tea ranks as high asor even higher than many fruits andvegetables green tea and white tea arethe least processed teas and they aresteamed quickly black and oolong teasare made from partially dried crushedand fermented tea leaves regardless ofthe processing method black green whiteand oolong teas all contain polyphenolsred tea is a type of herbal tea that hasbeen popular in South Africa where ithas been used as an antioxidant forgenerations it is similar to green teabut it offers more benefits than greentea as it has more health promotingproperties it is not obtained fromcamellia trees but it is made from theindigenous wonder herb of South Africacalled Roy vos which is full ofpolyphenols and flavonoids that helpprotect the body from free radicals thefree radicals can otherwise weakennatural defenses and eventually lead toaging and the onset of diseases red teaoffers you all the benefits offered byother teas but the fact that it iscompletely caffeine free makes it morebeneficial now let’s take a look at thehealth benefits that rooibos tea has tooffer the tea is caffeine free and has asoothing effect on the central nervoussystem which ultimately helps relievenagging headaches and migrainesit has high flavonoid content making ita strong antioxidant this is why ithelps manage allergies like hay feverasthma and eczema though red in color itis completely pure natural and containsno additives preservatives or colorantsaccording to the South African MedicalJournal the iron absorption rate afteringesting rooibos tea was 7.25% comparedwith 1.7 0% for regular tea and 9.3 4%for waterin other words red t increases ironlevels in your body this tea is oftenincluded in diet plans despite nothaving any fat busting content this isbecause it controls your appetite and soit is considered beneficial for weightloss it does not contain oxalic acid andso it can be enjoyed by persons facingthe problem of kidney stones theantioxidants present in rooibos tea makeit a relaxing sedative which is why itcan be prescribed for mental stress andmild depression elements like potassiumand copper necessary for severalmetabolic functions can be obtainedthrough regular consumption of red teathe antispasmodic properties of the teahelp relieve stomach and digestiveproblems like nausea vomiting heartburnand stomach ulcers the tea provides asufficient amount of calcium manganeseand especially fluoride required forstrengthening of teeth and bonesaccording to the US Department ofAgriculture flavonoids rich foods offercardiovascular benefits which is why ourM tea is good for heart health the zincand alpha hydroxyl acid from the tea canhelp you enjoy healthy skin magnesium inthe tea helps build up a healthy nervoussystem you can even apply the teadirectly to your skin as a tincture andthe tea can relieve itching rashes andsunburn when added to bathwater the teaworks great for common infant ailmentslike colic and stomach cramps red tea isalso rich in calcium so it’s a goodoption for those diagnosed with lactoseintolerance it does not lead to stomachproblems and helps boost the energylevels of the person the Mad Hatter fromAlice in Wonderland has rightly saidthat it is always tea time so the nexttime you buy your groceries make sure tolook for red tea first to come back homeand enjoy a delicious cuppa of healthdon’t forget to leave your commentsbelow and do subscribe to our channelfor many more such amazing videos

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