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of the product layout in operation management is an option design for the arrangement
of resources that ensure the redundant assembly of highly institutionalized
products. Moreover, if manufacturing operation used product layout, the
production work is work in a smooth line by divided layout in a straight line
with labor and equipment (Business Dictionary, 2017).

The main
focus of the manufacturing industry is to produce huge amounts of goods at
financial savvy levels. Many industry has experienced changes underway
strategies from the customary; “push” strategy to new generation
procedures that advance readiness and flexibility while supporting effective
and lean creation, even in compelled conditions.

As we know,
critical success factors can be seen through quality management practices,
human resources management, information technology, product and process
technology, Just-In-Time, management support, employee commitment and
implementation of a manufacturing strategy also (Frank H. Maier, 1998). Critical
success factors of product layout in manufacturing can be divided by product
availability, product grouping and product flow.

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Product availability

In Tesco, item accessibility is important
in light of the fact that client will effortlessly get to the item if the racks
loaded and immediately renewed. Be that as it may, extensive stocks in stores
are exorbitant and in store ‘warehousing’ should unavoidably be to the
detriment of offering space.

Product grouping

With a large of products being produced
then a point will be reached where distinct categories of products with similar
requirements become evident. This will focused on cellular manufacturing layout
of the manufacturing facility. A cellular layout gives a good compromise
between cost and flexibility for relatively high-variety operations.

Product flow

The flow of products determines the
accomplishment of the layout and these general goals of flow are significant to
all operations and the systems which govern them. The flow of materials and
information should be channeled by the layout so as to be appropriate for the
objectives of the layout. By utilizing a ‘U’ or serpentine arrangement of
product flow within the cellular layout in Quick Response Manufacturing, the
movement will be kept to a minimum and this will enable staff to help each
other during the production process. It will also help to build motivation,
which as discussed before is critical for success, yet in addition the way of
life and structure of the association. 

Critical success
factors (CSFs) and SWOT Analysis is significant to overcome the problem in the
business. SWOT are stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat. There
are example for Tesco production by using SWOT Analysis.


As we know, Tesco have their strong brand
name as a third largest grocery retailer in the world. Tesco also have their
best technology usage to enhance their marketing power such as online sales. Tesco
Company very efficient about their supply chain that helps the confidence to
connect with suppliers association by using their brands.


In UK chain, there are a lot of big market
such as Walmart that make Tesco lack of focus with their specific markets
because entering at the same time. Moreover, in big retailers Tesco also have
their financial problem because of bad debts. In addition, Tesco offers the
high price and not achieved customers expectation while buy something.


Tesco take a benefits to sells their
product to online scope. This opportunities is to ensure the easy buying for
the customer with affordable prices. In addition, Tesco run many new outlets in
different countries by using strategic alliance of the company.


Tesco have many competitors such as Walmart
that have very well performance and offers best price. Tesco also have a
problem in operational cost because of higher costs in raw material and government
changing their strategies regarding taxation. 

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