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Deep in the thicket forests of madagascar lives a mysterious But sort of creepy creature that swing in trees high above. The legend behind it will get you interested and scared at the same time  today we will talk about a fossas habitat, diet, body, and legend that might scare you. Now join me to get deeper in the thicket forest of madagascar to talk more about the fossa . Theres  little known about fossas because they live in the thicket  forests of madagascar were there rarely seen due to them mainly spending time up in the trees. The only time They mainly come down is for hunting and mating. A fossa likes a large dense forest area were it can establish a very large territory. A fossa uses the large trees to swing from branch to branch for helping it hunt it also uses the dense forest to find its favorite food lemurs and other animals  like mice to wild pigs. Next we will talk about a fossas diet and how it hunts A fossa is madagascar’s largest predator and carnivore it mainly hunts leaumers wich astables most of its diet. But when leamures arent around it will eat anything from fish to birds to wild pigs. When a prettodor goes to catch a lumer is mast be faster than the lumer is. A fossa is very quick due to its long tale that gives it good balance to be running fast its tale also helps for maneuvering around tree branches rocks and holes and more like that. A fossa is acuppet with sharp claws like cats and sharp teeth like k9s. It catches its prey with its long claws and quick bite kills its prey fast. And finally since the fossas is madagascar’s biggest predator its not mainly Preded on anything unless a homeless Crocodile snapping it up. At first glance a fossa looks like some sort of cat, monkey,or weasel so it’s easy to be confused. Although it shares adaptive similarities as a cat a fossa is actually closely related to a mongoose. A fossa has a short dense fur that is usually a brown color with a golden ting and lighter colored belly. A fossa can weigh up to 22 pounds(10 kilograms) and its length is 27 to 31 inches not including its tail. Its tail is 26 to 28 inches long together it can be up to 55inches or a little more. A fossa has Flexible ankle joints for climbed trees upside down and jumping from branch to branch.       A fossa has a interesting but very creepy legend behind it now let’s get onto the legend. The fossas legends could fill a book. Tales passed along include the belief that the scent left by a fossa kills popularity. They also believe that the fossa can contract its eye pupils completely disappear. People  also believe that the fossa creeps into homes late at  nights and steals babies from their cribs. Another tale tells that fossa sneaks into homes late  at night and licks a sleeping person in  a way  to put sleeper into a deep trance, once under the spell the sleeper is unable to awaken and then the fossa eats its helpless victim. A despicable as these tales may seem they Reflect the cunning nature of the fossa.So in conclusion i believe that the fossa is a super cool very interesting but freaky animal. It lives on the island of madagascar unfortunately though its population is decreasing due to deforestation in madagascar. The fossa is the largest predator and carnivore on the island of madagascar. A fossa spends most of its time up in the trees it uses its long tail to balance while jumping from branch to branch. So over all you can tell this animal is a super cool interesting animal but overall it was so cool to research      

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