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video games, we will go through things which psychologists refer to as deep
practice. This means that we repeat a set of circumstances over-and-over again.
For example, if you die at a single boss in Far Cry game, you’ll keep repeating
the same behavior until you eventually get it right. While this might seem
frustrating, it’s actually really useful for you in terms of your problem
solving skills.

practice teaches to focus on a task and to immerse yourself in it fully. We
learn to put our mind into solving the issue and the more focused , the quicker
we’ll usullay learn. Indeed, deep practice is often used as part of a fighter
pilot training – simulations will help the pilots to be better in real life.

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games are extremely benefited to problem solving because they allow us to try
different things. For example consider playing popular mobile game called Candy
Crush, the main objective of that game is to reach the amount of given points
to progress. Any leftover special candies will be activated during Sugar Crush.
The only way to pass these is to clear the amount of jelly in a certain number
of moves needed to pass. We can continue checking out different experiments in
candy crush saga. The trial and error approach in games is very useful in real
life . Generally we avoid problems just because we think that we don’t know how
to solve it. But video games teach us to find alternative solutions for each dilemma
that we face in our life. Winning video games will give us a sense of
accomplishment and boost your confidence in trusting your skills.

GIVing UP Things

might seem a bit silly to say, but video games are actually good at teaching
you how and when to give up. In real life, we might often keep hitting a
brick wall with your solution without really knowing you won’t solve the
problem like that. In a video game, we get the feedback that our approach is
wrong rather quick. For example, consider the game Call of Duty2, it’s a first
player Action game based on World War II. In that game many soldiers are
shooting us and our objective is to conquer our opponent’s artillery, war base
and so on. So there may be many minefield in the enemy camps. So when we accidently
reach that place we may lose our life and the mission will be restarted. So we gave
up entering that place. We may lose another life of us if we enter that area.
Therefore, we start knowing when we are just wasting time. We learn to be more
flexible in our thinking.


video games remind us that there are a variety of problems with a variety of solutions.
There are different types of games that teach us everything from algebra to
memory, but we also can solve these problems in different ways. This is a great
realistic approach to problem solving in real life.


games allow our brain to rest and reset. When we are playing we are dedicating
our whole ourselves into that game. Playing video games allow our brain to make
new connections and making us to forget a problem that we have. The variety of
tasks and submissions in the game make us to be more creative in our everyday
life. You learn to be more flexible in your thinking and look at things in life
in different angles.

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