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Dede Eri’s labyrinth shows a work of art inspired by the poverty.

In this picture, I see a magnitude of symbolism and the bottom line of the way of life. The main thing that would pop out people is the sharp size of the painting, it is an enormous, colourful and large picture, obviously it is the centre of attention of any who pass it. The labyrinth is visible in purpose to deliberate the meaningful point by using the fine materials and elegant.  The Labyrinth length is from the top of the painting are decorated with famous manufacture brands that we see in our daily lives. It is painted increasingly compact and complex as it highly to create a sense of a dimension taken through an object from top to bottom of something from several layers and lines. Creating the witness wonder if there is a limit at the edge of this majestic maze. The boxes have the aspects of a blackhearted and threatening in this painting.

Because of the way they are imitate as the walls of this complex maze. The pictures delivery the clues of the people that just follow the crowds and the lifestyle but actually they don’t really need those tools. The arrival construction make a show of the boundaries to the industrial revolution. The metal is mainly seen as artificial man-made,due to the  industrial objective.

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This painting consists the lacking of life, aside from the two boys that lying on the construction and on the ground. They are fragile, breakable, exhausted, fracturable and abandoned. The boys represent their weakness and neglected from their bright and meaningful youth life. Perception, melodrama and particular experience play a part in enhancing his work and bringing out his subject matter. I think those boys on his canvas are a observation of his own life experience. His burden is directing his compassion and sensitivity close to these people who are left behind into the corner- from the bitterness that he himself is unable to solve.I believe the central idea of this painting is the similarity between poverty and manufacturing.

Actually there have been endless image and information about poverty itself. Labyrinth, represent the bankruptcy, emptiness, famine of the two boys. Those boys are the human subjects that isolated from each other, they are trapped in a position where they are can’t escape from it. The message is surely delivered to the viewest with a sympathetic impact. As the amount of the progress, where the disappearing perspective ends, the glossy wall made a thoughtful sign of the ‘first class’. They are echoing the bottle of tomato ketchup and fries as the symbol of American junk-food subsidiary companies or division, usually as a result of merger organization.

Therefore the invasion of the fries into the labyrinth as well- and the straight lines that point out into the maze and at the viewers- almost terrorizing, highly warning us. As for the bright colours, it exaggerate the confused sense of disorientation that is really overwhelming.

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