Dear tried to learn more about Holland during

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Dear Sir / Madam,

I am empress to apply for the Master’s program and VUFP
Scholarship at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam to advance my career and
develop skills that others need. My goal in life is to be beneficial to others,
for me, it is the ultimate success. Learning Management theories will make me
useful to many. Management and Administration are meta-competencies, and people
will always need them. By learning them, I get opportunities and I am an
absolute entrepreneur. The best strategy for me is the one that creates me
change in my strategies. I’m in view of an international MBA as the best
feature I be able to do for my career and I’m very motivated to pursue one. I
am sure that this master program will help me to fulfil myself in both
professional and personal contexts.

I am done with my bachelor’s, I spent a lot of time and
effort learning topics that reflect my preferences and knowledge, such as
Information Technology on Supply Chain Management, Principles of Purchasing
Management, Management Principles and stock and stockyard management etc. My
drive has caused me to my lectures have different responsibilities incorporated
into these areas and I ended up as batch top in my class. I am also very
interested in teamwork and therefore participate in the organization of Alumni
events, CSR projects, and support for friends and classmates. I think these
activities will be the way I can make a difference and get the leading
qualities that are necessary to achieve my goals.

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I have tried to learn more about Holland during past years,
and the more I have learned, the more my motivation to study has grown. The
educational approach used in Holland gives me the widest range of
specializations in international business, as well as many practical skills,
and that’s exactly what I need. Then I found Master’s in Business and Administration
& VUFP scholarship program at Amsterdam University, I understood that this
is the best choice for me for several reasons.

VUFP scholarship program at Vrije Universiteit is the number
one opportunity for my master’s degree program. What I like most is the
location because I wanted to live in Amsterdam for years. Living in Amsterdam
for a year would be a dream. I am awestruck by the universities’ international
rankings and the commendation of the former students. This ensures that the
university accomplishes my career in the right direction. The curriculum remains
exactly what I want for because this program gives me many different career openings.
Focus on entrepreneurship interests me, because I am an innovative person who
frequently tries to think outside the box.

This program covers the topics that interest me the most,
such as economics, finance, marketing and management. To make myself as a
future leader, I am going to be a professional in these areas that will be talented
to handle practical problems.

Next reason is the international environment in which it
features. When I look at my future, I understand that the important way to
succeed in today’s corporate is to do it in an international background. At
your university, I will be able to learn to communicate with people from
different backgrounds to achieve the best results that I think will be the next
major step in my development. And also I will be able to improve English skills
significantly that can help me to create new relationships and expand my social
network to a global level.

Finally, this master’s program will help me to develop myself
as a team player and develop the leading qualities necessary for my future
career. I want to learn to be responsible not only for myself but also for the
whole world, which I think is crucial for a leader.


My goal is to initiate and develop a good initiative to start
up a business with a green concept to be beneficial to others, to me it’s the
ultimate success. Afterwards doing some research in various areas, I realized
that I had to get an international exposure to achieve this goal. I can
contribute to operative and active working methods. I am always looking to
recognize what is vital and to concentration on it. I am imminent everything I
do methodically. I constantly search for ways to streamline and I query everything
I do.

I can contribute eager to learn, energetic participation and
penetrating focus. I have a limitless desire for knowledge. I urge to acquire
skills that are valuable to others makes me inspired and motivates me. I
continually take an energetic role in the lesson, and I will definitely give my
judgment. I can concentrate intensively on tasks for a lengthy time and
attention is enormously long. It’s a strength for me and for those I engage
with, and therefore I deserve the Aid Grant.

I can contribute with leading qualities and take the lead in
social and professional situations. I regard myself as an inborn leader,
grounded in my effort as leader of LEO Club International and as a group

I comprehend that studying abroad so far away is the most
challenging step in my own life, but I also believe that I can withstand all
the problems I encounter and make the most of the knowledge and experience I
have achieved with this master’s program. I confidence to contribute my skills
and hard work to your university and to the Holland and become a worthy member
of the world.


Thank you in advance for your consideration and time and I
look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,

Sayuru Adikari

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