Dear Admissions Committee,

I am applying for the GLODEP
Master’s degree as I find it important in my aspiration to join the Department
of International Cooperation and European Integration of the Ministry of
Education and Science of Ukraine. The main reason for choosing this program is
its multidisciplinary approach which provides knowledge and skills necessary
for strategic decision-making in many spheres. Moreover, since Ukraine is in
the state of active transformation now, the comprehensive expertise in
development studies is important as never before for creating national
strategies, including educational ones.

Furthermore, GLODEP will also help
me to apply my academic and professional economic background while working with
social issues. Within the Bachelor’s degree in International Business, we mostly focused on economic
theories and B2B relations, whereas GLODEP complements it with other social
sciences and demonstrates the impact of economic processes on society.
Moreover, the course of Quantitative
Methods will not only strengthen my knowledge of basic Econometrics but also provide new skills in GIS which I didn’t
acquire at my university.

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Although I live in Kyiv now,
originally I come from a small town, and I know how big the gap in education
levels in large cities as well as provinces and
villages is.  That’s why, since I was engaged in the GoCamp
project, I have been inspired to improve education in rural areas. However, I
need to deepen my knowledge of social sciences to take into account all the
interrelated processes: for instance, how to avoid rural brain drain when
increasing educational opportunities. In this regard, I am especially
interested in taking courses of Sustainable Development and Economics of
Development. The former will give me a better understanding of the economic
consequences of social changes while the latter will explain, among others, the
nature of rural economic actors.

Thus, as a possible topic for my
master’s thesis I consider the research on
the ways of boosting education in rural areas, applicable both for Ukraine and
other developing countries. To write my thesis during the 4th
semester, I would like to take an internship at People in Need and to learn its
experience of performing educational projects in the Czech Republic. After
returning to Ukraine, I will be able to apply the results of the research by
creating or joining a project aimed at filling in the gap between rural and
urban education. This experience could give me the managerial skills necessary
for the successful work at the Ministry of Education in the future.

All in all, considering my previous
academic achievements in business-related subjects, internships in
international companies and desire to grow professionally in the public and
governmental sectors, I am a good candidate for the admission to the GLODEP
program. In my turn, I will share as much knowledge and experience as possible
with my colleagues to make the classwork diverse and fruitful.

Thank you in advance for considering
my application and I hope to hear from you soon during the personal interview.




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